We at the Ministry are proud to have a small but perfectly formed group of podcasts as part of our network. We are not responsible for the content of these shows, but do give them our seal of approval. If you feel any of the contributors listed below are straying too close to being "run of the mill", or are too mainstream on some level, please let us know so we can take action ;0)

Board Game Hour

"We don't listen to the board game hour podcast and neither should you because..."

With both the friendly open and inclusive #BoardGameHour Twitter chats and a humorous adult podcast, they will offend someone Check out  Board Game Hour for more info.

Geek On Radio

"Exploring the world of geek, one conversation at a time"

Want a chat show about all things Geek and Board Games? Its time to get your geek on! Read more about Geek On here.

Who Dares Rolls 

"A group of funny people chatting about games.. Well trying to!"

If your looking for structured, professional and inoffensive podcast, look elsewhere.. Everyone else, should Roll those dice! Read more about Who Dares Rolls here.


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