Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pocket Adventures - becoming a big thing

Pocket Adventures - becoming a big thing

Side Quest - Pocket Adventures is Steve Venezia's first published board game. So it is quite amazing that this action packed dungeon crawler, that fits in your pocket, funded on the first day!

With just a deck of cards and a couple of dice you and up to 3 friends battle your way through a decision-packed dungeon.

“We are less than half way through the Kickstarter campaign and we already have over 650 backers and are over 325% funded.” says BAFTA-nominated developer and Side Quest designer Steve Venezia

"Its amazing how much support we are getting from the board game community for Side Quest. The team is working day and night to give backers the best game we can and the enthusiasm our backers are showing is a good substitute for sleep."

"Side Quest is a fully co-operative game, where working together is key, but in this fast flowing game each player makes their own decisions - if any Heroes (or maidens!) die, the game is lost."

See the Side Quest campaign for yourself here:

You can also keep up to date with the naming of characters and monsters on the Side Quest Facebook Page or Twitter

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