Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Enter a Side Quest with me

Side Quest is an action packed dungeon crawler that fits in your pocket. With a single deck of cards and a couple of dice you and up to 3 friends can battle your way through a decision-packed dungeon. Which monsters will you fight and which will you run from? Should you grab some loot before you rescue the maiden? Which gear will help your characters get to the end of the dungeon and which will help you fight the boss that blocks your exit?

“There is a wide range of scenarios to play, including ultra-tough single-player missions, challenging 30 minute pick-up games to gruelling 2 hour dungeon treks. With loads of different Heroes, Locations, Monsters and Equipment cards you'll never play the same game twice.” says BAFTA-nominated developer and Side Quest designer Steve Venezia

Side Quest – Pocket Adventures, is a cool little game that packs a big punch, but don’t take our word for it:

“Side Quest achieves its objective by bringing a Dungeon Crawler feel to a small footprint. Either as a solo player or as a team, each decision requires strategy and careful thought to ensure you defeat the boss to win the game” –Tony from Rolling Dice & Taking Names

“It’s perfect… you don’t need a lot of space, it plays quick, it scratches the dungeon crawler itch” – Mark from Grim Tree Games

"There is a clever process that builds each level of the dungeon that guarantees you’ll never play the same game twice! ... It felt like a heavier game that didn’t require a ton of time figuring out the rules." - Andrew from The Married Gamers

Side Quest is a fully co-operative game, where working together is key, but in this fast flowing game each player makes their own decisions - if any Heroes (or maidens!) die, the game is lost.

See the Side Quest campaign for yourself here:

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