Sunday, 15 March 2015

Help Vince

Hi Folks, today I got an email form a gamer in need.. Can you help Vince? Here is his cry for help:
I’m trying to track down a board game we had when I was a child.
It would’ve been about the late 70s, it was something to do with the World Wildlife Fund (it had the Panda logo on it) and I remember a lot of cards. It’s definitely not the “Wild Life” Spears game from 1965 you can find all over Google!

As I remember, there was something to do with the five continents and there were either counters or colours on the cards that were a bright orange or a bright purple.
I don’t remember much else, my memory is of the board and/or the cards being mostly white in colour, but I’ve tried everything to search online and nothing is quite the right game.
It felt like it was made for the British market, that’s all I can remember.
Can you help? Or direct me to someone with encyclopaedic knowledge of board games?!
If you have any information on what this game may be, please email

I really hope we can get Vince back in contact with his childhood love.. If you have any questions you want to ask the gaming world please get in touch!

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