Monday, 30 March 2015

The theme that should not be named

Today we talk about games with a Lovecraftian or as we will call it all the way through "Cthulhu" theme..
  1. "Cthulhu is a deity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928."
Here are your "Cthulhu themed" Questions: 

Q1: How would you define the "Cthulhu" theme to someone new to it? #BoardGameHour

Q2: lets start by asking if you generally like playing games with a "Cthulhu" theme? #BoardGameHour

Q3: What do you like about games with a "Cthulhu" theme? #BoardGameHour

Q4: What don't you like about games with a "Cthulhu" theme? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Do any Lovecraft inspired games capture the trans-dimensional theme that runs through many of his books? #BoardGameHour

Q6: What games really do the "Cthulhu" theme justice, why? #BoardGameHour

Q7: If you wanted to introduce someone to modern board gaming with a "Cthulhu" theme game, what would you pick and why? #BoardGameHour

Q8: What games don't you like with a "Cthulhu" theme, why? #BoardGameHour

Q9: "Cthulhu" is used a lot because its a free well know licence, what other free licences could be used instead? #BoardGameHour

Q10: Should there be more or less games with a "Cthulhu" theme? #BoardGameHour

Q11: which question got the most interesting answers? #BoardGameHour

Look forward to seeing you later.. We are back to 2pm Eastern Time, 7pm UK

Thursday, 19 March 2015


The new website is live.. Just in case you didn't know, the minister of board games and board game hour are all run by the same guy.. Me, Nate... So from now on all things #BoardGameHour will happen over there.. Anything else will be here, including more personal (don't worry I still mean board game related) stuff from the Minister

Hope you like the new site

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mechanism topic - That's worth nothing to me

Today we talk about the bidding mechanism.
BGG defines auctioning / bidding as:

"This mechanic requires you to place a bid, usually monetary, on items in an auction of goods in order to enhance your position in the game. These goods allow players future actions or improve a position. The auction consists of taking turns placing bids on a given item until one winner is established, allowing the winner to take control of the item being bid on. Usually there is a game rule that helps drop the price of the items being bid on if no players are interested in the item at its current price. In most games, once a winner for one item is done, if there are more items to be bid upon, another auction is held for those items. The process repeats until a game condition is met or items are exhausted in the auction phase of the game.

In Power Grid, for example, you start with no power plants and must win bids to be able to produce power. Winning a bid on a given power plant allows that player to add it to their current inventory of power plants and also allows for more power to be made in a given turn. In Vegas Showdown, players bid on rooms. such as a slot machine or a restaurant, in order to build a larger hotel with more prestige and value. Winning players pay for the room based on their bid and place it in their hotel. In both examples, bidding is done in a turn format and players have the option of passing on bids."
Highlight your highlights 

As part of the new #BoardGameHour Podcast we would like to do some shout outs and mention some of the most popular tweets from past weeks. We would like your help with this...

Believe it or not I do quite a lot during the hour and If I try to make notes about which tweets rock at the same time as hosting, everything could go more pair shaped than normal. So if you are interested, at the end of the hour I will ask you for some of your highlights. if you could send me links to your favorite tweets for the hour that would be great!

We can't promise to mention everything on the podcast, but we really would like you all to be part of the show as well as the #BoardGameHour community :0)

Here are your "That's worth nothing to me" Questions:

Q1: How would you describe/define the bidding mechanism to a new gamer? #BoardGameHour
Q2: What do you like about bidding as a mechanism? #BoardGameHour
Q3: Do you find bidding helps or hinders immersion into a game? Why? #BoardGameHour
Q4: What don't you like about bidding as a mechanism? #BoardGameHour
Q5: What games use bidding as their core mechanism well? #BoardGameHour
Q6: Is a game with bidding in it ONLY a game about smart bidding? Does it overwhelm other mechanics? #BoardGameHour
Q7: What games use bidding as a side feature to another mechanism? does it do it well? #BoardGameHour
Q8: Is bidding just a lazy way for designer to not have to value items?#BoardGameHour
Q9: Which do you like better, open or blind bidding Why?  #BoardGameHour
Q10: If you were to recommend one bidding game to me, what would it be? #BoardGameHour
Q11: Should bidding be used more? Is it under / over utilized? Why? #BoardGameHour
Q12: Which were your favorite tweets (highlights) from todays #BoardGameHour they may get a mention on the new podcast!

Look forward to seeing you later.. We Starting at 7pm GMT, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Help Vince

Hi Folks, today I got an email form a gamer in need.. Can you help Vince? Here is his cry for help:
I’m trying to track down a board game we had when I was a child.
It would’ve been about the late 70s, it was something to do with the World Wildlife Fund (it had the Panda logo on it) and I remember a lot of cards. It’s definitely not the “Wild Life” Spears game from 1965 you can find all over Google!

As I remember, there was something to do with the five continents and there were either counters or colours on the cards that were a bright orange or a bright purple.
I don’t remember much else, my memory is of the board and/or the cards being mostly white in colour, but I’ve tried everything to search online and nothing is quite the right game.
It felt like it was made for the British market, that’s all I can remember.
Can you help? Or direct me to someone with encyclopaedic knowledge of board games?!
If you have any information on what this game may be, please email

I really hope we can get Vince back in contact with his childhood love.. If you have any questions you want to ask the gaming world please get in touch!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Annoucement: Board Game Hour Podcast

Announcing the Board Game Hour - Tabletop Podcast

Thats right #BoardGameHour has a new podcast!
Sponsored by Wilderland Campaigns

It will be hosted by @Benisace and myself @MofBG. We have teamed up to bring you a new board game podcast (like there aren't enough of them) inspired and linked to the weekly #BoardGameHour twitter chat.

For you, and before we submit to iTunes etc, we would like to give you a sneak preview. Please give us as much feedback as possible.

Warning: this is an adult podcast, if you are easily offended or tend to listen near children or at work caution is advise!

Link to the preview podcast hosted by Wilderland Campaigns

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Designing Rules that Rule

Today we are talking about rule books for design week on #BoardGameHour.. They are pretty much the glue that holds a game together, and yet they can often be criticized because of issues or poor execution. Let's get our heads together and see if we can come up with some ideas to make rules rock

Your #BoardGameHour questions for this week are:

Q1: Have you ever written a rule book? How easy was it? How do you feel it went? #BoardGameHour

Q2: How early in the possess of designing a game should you start to write drafts of the rules? #BoardGameHour

Q3: How big a difference is there between a first draft of the rules and the end product? How much should the rule book be playtested? #BoardGameHour

Q4: How do you write your rules down? On cards, paper and pen, Word Doc, Speadsheet? other? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Regarding lay out of the rules, what is the best format? 1 column, 2 columns, boxes of text with graphics, other? #BoardGameHour

Q6: How many people should be involved with rules writing? Whats the best process? #BoardGameHour

Q7: Is it preferable to have a very long very detailed rule book, or a short concise one? #BoardGameHour

Q8: is it possible to make a rule book that is good for learning the rules but also good for referencing the rules? #BoardGameHour

Q9: What would you like to see in rule books that often gets forgotten? #BoardGameHour

Q10: How do you prefer to see examples in a rulebook? (Within the main flow of text? In a parallel column?) #BoardGameHour

Q11: Which rules books are the best examples of good writing, layout etc? #BoardGameHour

Q12:What is your top 3 tips for people writing rule books? #BoardGameHour
Look forward to seeing you later..

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Theme Week: Deities & gods

Its theme week on #BoardGameHour. So today we are talking about games themed around deities and gods. Now, I know this could be a sensitive subject but we have covered subjects such as race, sexuality and gender before, so I'm sure it will be fine. We have always been a very inclusive and polite community how are open about our views and tolerant to others. I see no reason why this will change, as everyone who takes part in #BoardGameHour rocks...

Also we have an extra bit of fun going on today. Long standing participant
Tim Blank aka @OMGsGame is going to be giving away a copy of his already funded game:

Link to the kickstarter here To be in win a chance of winning this and some other goodies he is going to give away you just need to take part in todays #BoardGameHour.. The more you join in the more chances you have to win.. Simple!

A quick side note: It really gets my back up when companies or individuals who do not join in with #BoardGameHour pop up for one week and say "back my kickstarter, heres the link".. It's rude, insulting to those who don't treat the community with such contempt and frankly lazy. Even if I really wanted that game, I would not back it out of principle. However if people who are part of the community want to promote their projects, they should send me a message :0)

Here are your "Deities and god games" Questions:

Q1: Regarding the theme of deities / gods, do you like playing as them, with them, neither or other? #BoardGameHour
Q2: What do you like about games involving deities / gods? #BoardGameHour
Q3: What don't you like about games involving deities / gods? #BoardGameHour
Q4: In one way or another are most board games "god" games really? #BoardGameHour
Q5: What games do you like that have deities / gods as a theme, why? #BoardGameHour
Q6: if you could pick a flagship god/deities game, what would it be and why? #BoardGameHour
Q7: What games don't you like that have deities / gods as a theme, why? #BoardGameHour
Q8: Which gods / deities or pantheons do you feel are over / Underrepresented? #BoardGameHour
Q9: What mechanics do you feel best suit games about deities / gods? Worker placement and... #BoardGameHour
Q10: Should there be more or less games about deities / gods? #BoardGameHour

Look forward to seeing you later..

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