Monday, 12 January 2015

Help others Discover board games

Today's discussion has been spawned like a high kicking alien from the chest of a #BoardGameHour from too weeks ago.

We were speaking about gaming resolutions and the idea of the D12 Challenge was born

Today we are launching this challenge to the gaming world, "help 12 new people DISCOVER the modern tabletop gaming hobby in 12 months."
 To help people succeed todays #BoardGameHour is about getting people into the hobby.

Help others Discover board games - areas of discussion:

  • Q1: Is it a good thing to what to encourage new people into our hobby? #BoardGameHour
  • Q2: Who should be targeting to become new board game enthusiasts, why? #BoardGameHour
  • Q3: How can we make getting into board gaming as easy as possible? #BoardGameHour
  • Q4: What are the pitfall we should watch out for, how do we avoid them #BoardGameHour
  • Q5: What is the best way to pick games for new players? Are some better than others?#BoardGameHour
  • Q6: Will you be taking part in the #D12Challange? Whats you plan of action  #BoardGameHour

Hope you see you later.. This could be a great discussion!

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