Monday, 26 January 2015

Diversity results

Last week our #BoardGameHour topic was Diversity in board gaming. Someone suggesting we do a poll of participants and the lovely +Geek on Radio (oh how we love her) put one together for us there and then. Here are the results:

According to our straw poll your average #BoardGameHour participant is ...
  • 77% male (with all other responses as female / woman & no transgender ) 
  • has an average age of 35 (but the most frequent age was 31, youngest 23 oldest 55) 
  • 81% white / Caucasian (with the other 19% a including Native Ameican, Mixed, Mexican, Latina, Hispanic, Indian,) 
  • 52% Atheist, or no religion, 27% Christian (with the rest spread betwwen, Later day Saint, Quaker, Buddhist, Humanist, Pagan, Hindu) 
  • 72% Hetro or straight (with Bi, queer, lesbian, hetro, gay & pansexual for the other 28%)
  • 19% have declared they have a disability, from ADHD, Hearing Anxiety, depression and agoraphobia being some of the disabilities named (some only replied Yes, someone said they were super human too) 
So, sadly as we would expect from the hobby overall.

Maybe we will do this again next year and see if we have a more diverse community.

Today we talk about Disabilities in the board gaming world.. Check out the topic here: Click ME

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