Monday, 26 January 2015

Disabilities and Board Games

Today we talk about board gaming for disabled people. This does not mean you have to be disabled to take part as the questions will covers lots of areas and most people will at least play with someone who is colour blind.

Q1: Do you consider yourself disabled, or do you know anyone who is in any way? #BoardGameHour 
Q2: How has disability impacted your gaming experience? Yours or someone else? #BoardGameHour 
Q3: Which games are the most accessible to the type of disability you have or have come across? #BoardGameHour 
Q4: What can designers do to make games more accessible? #BoardGameHour 
Q5: Which games are not playable for you or people you know because of disabilities? #BoardGameHour 
Q6: Besides the games themselves, how can we make the gaming community more welcoming to disabled players? #BoardGameHour 
Q7: Are there any games with disabled characters / themes #BoardGameHour 
Q8: Why don't more designers/publishers incorporate disability into their games? (characters, themes, etc) #BoardGameHour 
Q9: What are some good resources for disabled gamers and designers? #BoardGameHour

Special thanks to #BoardGameHour @geekygimp for helping put together these questions!

See you all later..

For more info on #BoardGameHour go here

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