Friday, 16 January 2015

A question of diversity

On monday's #BoardGameHour we will be talking about diversity in all aspects of the board game hobby. From themes & publishers to designers & who plays them.

I am currently taking suggestions for areas to discuss and questions to ask, so far these have been submitted:

Should diversity preempt authenticity to theme?

What games do you feel have handled diversity well? (& maybe which haven't?)

If the artwork in a game lacks diversity in it's representation of human races does it influence your potential purchase?

What area of boardgames (mechanics, themes, artwork) do you feel needs more diversity?

what sort of diversity, Moral, Cultural, or something like Racial? I will play CarWars with anyone, just saying.

Diversity of themes, players, designers, publishers, artists, mechanics?

This is a wide ranging and interesting area to discuss, so if you would like to add to this, please do.. You can either leave a comment here or drop me a tweet using @BoardGameHour

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