Monday, 26 January 2015

Disabilities and Board Games

Today we talk about board gaming for disabled people. This does not mean you have to be disabled to take part as the questions will covers lots of areas and most people will at least play with someone who is colour blind.

Q1: Do you consider yourself disabled, or do you know anyone who is in any way? #BoardGameHour 
Q2: How has disability impacted your gaming experience? Yours or someone else? #BoardGameHour 
Q3: Which games are the most accessible to the type of disability you have or have come across? #BoardGameHour 
Q4: What can designers do to make games more accessible? #BoardGameHour 
Q5: Which games are not playable for you or people you know because of disabilities? #BoardGameHour 
Q6: Besides the games themselves, how can we make the gaming community more welcoming to disabled players? #BoardGameHour 
Q7: Are there any games with disabled characters / themes #BoardGameHour 
Q8: Why don't more designers/publishers incorporate disability into their games? (characters, themes, etc) #BoardGameHour 
Q9: What are some good resources for disabled gamers and designers? #BoardGameHour

Special thanks to #BoardGameHour @geekygimp for helping put together these questions!

See you all later..

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Diversity results

Last week our #BoardGameHour topic was Diversity in board gaming. Someone suggesting we do a poll of participants and the lovely +Geek on Radio (oh how we love her) put one together for us there and then. Here are the results:

According to our straw poll your average #BoardGameHour participant is ...
  • 77% male (with all other responses as female / woman & no transgender ) 
  • has an average age of 35 (but the most frequent age was 31, youngest 23 oldest 55) 
  • 81% white / Caucasian (with the other 19% a including Native Ameican, Mixed, Mexican, Latina, Hispanic, Indian,) 
  • 52% Atheist, or no religion, 27% Christian (with the rest spread betwwen, Later day Saint, Quaker, Buddhist, Humanist, Pagan, Hindu) 
  • 72% Hetro or straight (with Bi, queer, lesbian, hetro, gay & pansexual for the other 28%)
  • 19% have declared they have a disability, from ADHD, Hearing Anxiety, depression and agoraphobia being some of the disabilities named (some only replied Yes, someone said they were super human too) 
So, sadly as we would expect from the hobby overall.

Maybe we will do this again next year and see if we have a more diverse community.

Today we talk about Disabilities in the board gaming world.. Check out the topic here: Click ME

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BoardGameHour Re-Brand

Hi Folks, I am really going to try and make 2015 the year of #BoardGameHour and so have decided to do a bit of a re-brand.

I have changed the logo, made a poster that you can print out and put up in games shops etc and will be doing a micro badge for BGG too. Any feedback is welcome and I hope you like the new look:

Print and Promote Poster:
Micro Badge (lol): 
See you Monday!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Diverse questions

Our topic for this weeks #BoardGameHour is quite a hot one. We have recently had the issue of slavery come up with it's inclusion in the hit Days of Wonder game Five Tribes (note: this was a hit even though some people objected.. Interesting, did they buy it anyway?)

So, we are going to delve into this subject. We will start tonight by looking at the subject of diversity in the whole. Then if parts are worthy of a full hour, we will carry on next week with a more focused look at one area.

Here are the questions for today:

Q1: What areas of board gaming (themes, players, mechanics, artwork, industry) do you feel needs more diversity the most? #BoardGameHour

Q2: What sort of diversity would you like more of, moral, cultural, racial, gender, sexuality, other? #BoardGameHour

Q3: Should diversity take priority over authenticity to theme? #BoardGameHour

Q4: Do you feel diversity within who players board games is getting better? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Do you want more female characters in game? would you like more realistic looking female characters/drawings? #BoardGameHour

Q6: Should sexuality be expressed in board games? Should it be more diverse? #BoardGameHour

Q7: Should artwork be more representative of diversity? #BoardGameHour

Q8: If there is a lack of diversity in a game does it influence your potential purchase? #BoardGameHour

Q9: Can an answer to a lot of these issues be found in the mainly middle aged, white, male industry? #BoardGameHour

Q10: What can be done to address some of these diversity issues? #BoardGameHour

Q11: What games do you feel have handled diversity well? Which haven't? #BoardGameHour

Let us know your coming with an RSVP HERE

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Friday, 16 January 2015

A question of diversity

On monday's #BoardGameHour we will be talking about diversity in all aspects of the board game hobby. From themes & publishers to designers & who plays them.

I am currently taking suggestions for areas to discuss and questions to ask, so far these have been submitted:

Should diversity preempt authenticity to theme?

What games do you feel have handled diversity well? (& maybe which haven't?)

If the artwork in a game lacks diversity in it's representation of human races does it influence your potential purchase?

What area of boardgames (mechanics, themes, artwork) do you feel needs more diversity?

what sort of diversity, Moral, Cultural, or something like Racial? I will play CarWars with anyone, just saying.

Diversity of themes, players, designers, publishers, artists, mechanics?

This is a wide ranging and interesting area to discuss, so if you would like to add to this, please do.. You can either leave a comment here or drop me a tweet using @BoardGameHour

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

D12 Challenge Sign up

I have placed a Geeklist on BGG for people who want to take part in the D12 Challenge to sign up to..

Even if you don't feel you can take part, please do there and thumb the idea to help raise awareness for others:

Also I am in talks with a big publisher regarding supporting the challenge, if this happens and how is still being discussed, but wanted you to know :0)

Monday, 12 January 2015

Help others Discover board games

Today's discussion has been spawned like a high kicking alien from the chest of a #BoardGameHour from too weeks ago.

We were speaking about gaming resolutions and the idea of the D12 Challenge was born

Today we are launching this challenge to the gaming world, "help 12 new people DISCOVER the modern tabletop gaming hobby in 12 months."
 To help people succeed todays #BoardGameHour is about getting people into the hobby.

Help others Discover board games - areas of discussion:

  • Q1: Is it a good thing to what to encourage new people into our hobby? #BoardGameHour
  • Q2: Who should be targeting to become new board game enthusiasts, why? #BoardGameHour
  • Q3: How can we make getting into board gaming as easy as possible? #BoardGameHour
  • Q4: What are the pitfall we should watch out for, how do we avoid them #BoardGameHour
  • Q5: What is the best way to pick games for new players? Are some better than others?#BoardGameHour
  • Q6: Will you be taking part in the #D12Challange? Whats you plan of action  #BoardGameHour

Hope you see you later.. This could be a great discussion!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


So I am going to try and start using this a more of a blog from now on.. Just to share my thoughts about board gaming and the industry. Some of you may know that I work as a marketing consultant who specializes in board games (I know two things pretty well, communication and board games).

I wont be talking about my clients much (this is neither going to be a sales pitch, nor a name dropping session), but more my views on stuff..

Today I am thinking about how to launch my D12 Challange. I came up with the idea last week during #boardgamehour.. It's a resolution, inspired by the 10x10 challange, to help 12 new people "D"iscover table top gaming over 12 months. So over the course of a year, I aim to "D"raft 12 people into the hobby. Making them cardboard "D"isciples if you like..

I aim to launch this during next weeks board game hour which is going to be about introducing people to the hobby. Any thoughts you have, please post them here or message me @MofBG or @BoardGameHour


Monday, 5 January 2015

Business games

Today we talk about Business games! This is a broad subject but one that I think may well be interesting.

Google (and who can argue with that) defines business as:

1) a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.
"experts who typically conduct their business over the Internet"
synonyms: work, line of work, line, occupation, profession, career, employment,job, day job, position, pursuit, vocation, calling, field, sphere, walk of life, trade, craft; More

2) commercial activity.
"firms who want to do business with Japan"
synonyms: trade, trading, commerce, buying and selling, dealing, traffic,trafficking, marketing, merchandising, bargaining;

Why do I define this term here, well basically cause I don't want the whole of the hour taken up talking about what I mean by business, and do I mean economics etc.

The area of discussion are:

Q1: Do you like games about business at the start of this hour? #BoardGameHour
Q2: What do you like about business games? #BoardGameHour
Q3: What don't you like about business games? #BoardGameHour
Q4: What is the best game about medieval businesses? #BoardGameHour
Q5: Do you think board games can really model business? Could they be used to teach business? #BoardGameHour
Q6: Do you like trading games? which is the best? #BoardGameHour
Q7: Are there any games the really do stocks and shares well? #BoardGameHour
Q8: Which is the best game based on modern business? #BoardGameHour
Q9: Is business a good choice of theme? Are there any businesses that you think would make an interesting theme? #BoardGameHour
Q10: How do you feel about business games now? #BoardGameHour

See you later!

PS. next week we will be talking about getting people into gaming and the D12 Challange!