Monday, 6 October 2014

Hidden Gems

Today on #BoardGameHour we are going to talk about hidden gems, which is our way of saying games that have been over looked or unappreciated.

Because this topic is going to focus on games many people will not have heard of I am going to tweek the format a little. Rather than have a question every 5 minutes or so like we normally do we are going to break the hour into bigger sections. The hope is to allow you to really chat with each other and explore the games you might not have heard of.

Q1: Are there game that you have not bought because they have low production values but turn out to be great games? What?

Q2: What games from Kickstarter do you feel are underrated and can you still get them now?

Q3: Are there any out of print games that you feel are hidden gems and should be brought back?

Q4: Which games that are available now do you feel don't get enough love and are underrated?

Q5: Are there any good secondary markets out there where you can pick up hidden gems at a good price?

Please give me feedback after regarding having less questions. I think for this subject it might work, but your opinion
is what really counts!

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  1. With regards to Q3, I would say Reiner Knizia's 'Modern Art' fits the bill. Out of print, difficult to find, and totally underrated. It's possible to get the game on Amazon at a greatly increased price, but considering the game is all about getting the best value for your money...


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