Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bens got his quill out over... Seasons

I would like to introduce you to a new feature on the Minister of Board Games "Bens got his quill out over..." As you might have noticed we like to do things a little differently around here and with that in mind let me introduce you to Ben Earl of Maddox - @BenisAce on Twitter.

Ben can often be found alone in his room, quill in hand, bent over a pill of cardboard and dice. We at the Ministry have agree to publish most of what lands on his page. Let us begin with his unique take on Seasons:

Seasons by Ben, Earl of Maddox
Like a Skittles Monster™ has vomited all over your table, Seasons shakes off excess body heat by excreting colour. From the hacksaw shaped player boards to the frenetic L.S.D. art work, ocular stimulation is at a premium in this game. Even the humble cube has been sent down the road to the local stylist and has returned resplendent in eighties neon. It’s not just the way the game looks though but also the way it feels. This game is enough to make even the most restrained Ludophile tug suggestively at their shirt collar and exhale sharply. Those perfectly laser cut, oversized dice feel so good in the hand that it’s almost impossible to toss them and allow the game to commence.

But toss them you should because for all of its lascivious beauty it is the game play that really shines in Seasons. This is a game that it so well designed that it has even managed to make a virtue of set up.

It starts with a draft that is replete with choice but also carries the danger that you will be gifting your opponent the final piece of their jigsaw. The tension is palpable and you haven’t really started playing the game yet.

Ostensibly a Euro game it has enough player interaction, through the familiars, that it never feels like single player solitaire and there is enough variety in the cards to reward shifts in tactics and almost limitless repeated play. The strategic burden of the cards also makes it one of the most easily expandable games I have ever played.

I played last night and was predictably destroyed but rather than feel gypped I was panting to play again. This game is a well crafted gem with sharp little teeth (is that even possible?) and did I mention how good it looks?

Seasons: Taste the Rainbow (only don’t, it’s probably a choking hazard.)

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