Monday, 15 September 2014

A Question of Immersion

Todays topic for #BoardGameHour is immersive games, that is games that you can really get into. This topic will lead up to the opening of nominations for the "Head in the Game" award for the most immersive game!

Here are the questions which we will ask:

Q1: What is immersion & is it important in board games? #BoardGameHour

Q2: Does game length effect your immersion? #BoardGameHour

Q3: What mechanics do you feel lend themselves to immersion? #BoardGameHour

Q4: Does the art style affect your immersion into a game? Is it more immersive with simpler or more representative art? #BoardGameHour

Q5: Is there a trade off between immersion and others aspects of game enjoyment? #BoardGameHour

Q6:  What can designers do to make a game more immersive? #BoardGameHour

Q7: Which games really deliver atmosphere and why? #BoardGameHour

Q8: Looking toward the #BoardGameHour awards; The "Head in the Game” award for the most immersive game should focus on games that delivers what? #BoardGameHour

Q9: Please nominate ONE game as the most immersive board game using #BGHAwards and tell us why? #BoardGameHour

Toward the End, nomination will be open! We are limiting your nominations to one per person. Use #BGHAwards to submit games for the #HeadInTheGame award for immersion

You can join in Monday 15th September 2pm Eastern 7pm UK, either on twitter using #BoardgameHour on twitter or by signing into Nurph here:

This is your last chance to support #BoardGameHour by backing our T-shirt campaign here:

Look its Pandemic and Forbidden Desert designer Matt Leacock wearing his #BoardGameHour T-shirt! You could be as awesome as him (maybe)

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