Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nominations for the "I want more" award

This week we have been taking nominations for the #BoardGameHour  "I Want More" award for re-playability. This is a long list and we will be limited each person to just one entry from now on. How ever, if you like games that play well over many sessions this is a good list for you!

Builders, The: Middle Ages - Nominated by @jacobjcoon

Chaosmos - Nominated by @Sarcastic_Robot

Chinatown - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Cosmic Encounters - Nominated by @WilderlandC

Diplomacy - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Dixit - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

ECHO - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Fairy Tale - Nominated by @FZGames247 

Florenze: The Card Game - Nominated by @jacobjcoon

GO - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Golem Arcana - Nominated by @ginobrancazio & @UGEplex

Guildhall - Nominated by @FZGames247 

If Only I Had - Nominated by @Stienf9
Innovation - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Kindom Builder - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Nominated by @jacobjcoon

Lost Cities Nominated by ‏@GreatBigTable

Pandemic - Nominated by @GreatBigTable

Rough - Nominated by @FZGames247 

Samurai Spirit - Nominated by @djharvey64

Seasons - Nominated by @ZenGameMe

Sentinels of the Multiverse - Nominated by @LudiCreations

Smash Up - Nominated by @GeekOnRadio

Star Realms - Nominated by @jacobjcoon & @FZGames247
Splendor  - Nominated by @FZGames247

Tigris And Euphrates Nominated by @GreatBigTable

Twilight Struggle - Nominated by @circagis

Zooloretto - Nominated by @GreatBigTable

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See you Monday when we will be talking about games that are very immersive!

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