Monday, 1 September 2014

Grab a T-shirt now

Many people have asked for it and now we are delivering. No, you can't have your own Matt Leacock, designer of such classics as Pandemic and Forbidden Desert! You can however get your hands on a #BoardGameHour T-shirt being modeled by the man, the legend.

We are trying out a Teespring campaign (think Kickstarter but for t-shirts) to see if people like you would like to support and promote #BoardGameHour by buying a funky T-shirt or three!

We need 100 products (there are hoodies, womens cut and long sleeve too) to be bought for the campaign to succeed. You can check it out here:

Thanks for your support! Oh and please tell your friends.. There are no stretch goals other than promoting this great community of ours :0)

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