Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Current nomination for the "Game Changer"

The "Game Changer" #BoardGameHour award is for innovation in board games.

You can put forward nomination by using #BGHAwards for the rest of the week. Once nominations are closed we will take all the nominations and reduce them down to a short list that will be voted on by you to pick a winner!

The "Game Changer" nominations we have currently received are:

@robdaviaugamer Rob Daviau for Risk: Legacy and Seafall.

@tabletop the Youtube channel

Cards Against Humanity by @CAH

@kickstarter the crown funding site

@DanielSolis the game designer

@WatchItPlayed the Youtube channel

@PlaidHatGames for Dead Of Winter

@mleacock for Pandemic

@FZGames247 for Kings Ransom

Fantasy Flight Games for Cosmic Encounter (not sure who the first publisher was)

Three Hares Games for Lagoon

@MirrorBoxGames for Chaosmos

AEG for Love Letter

Friedemann Friese for Power Grid

@64ozGames (Richard & Emily) for board games now blind accessible

@SJGames for Munchkin

Rio Grande Games for Dominion - Deck building

@trzewik for Robinson Cruzoe

Milton Bradley for Heroquest

Jason Rohrer's for "A Game For Someone"

Shut up and Sit Down - Review show @ShutUpShow

Risk - dudes on a map

Yahtzee - dice game

Caylus - Worker placement

Antoine Bauza @Toinito for 7 Wonders, Hanabi & Rampage

D&D - RPGs

Magic the Gathering - CCGs


Nominations close on Sunday at midnight

We have had lots of nominations! We will look over this category and the other 4 at the end of September and come up with a final short list for you all to vote on.

You can support #BoardGameHour by getting an awesome t-shirt (modeled by Matt Leacock) http://teespring.com/boardgamehour

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