Sunday, 7 September 2014

#BoardGameHour Questions

Mondays topic for #BoardGameHour is re-playabiliy which will lead up to the opening of nominations for the "I Want More" award for re-playability!

Here are the questions which we will ask:

Q1: How many times being able to be replayed before a game can be said to have re-playability?

Q2: Does game length effect your view of its re-playability?

Q3: What mechanics do you feel lend themselves to re-playability? 

Q4: does replay ability come from lots of scenarios, or just a great core?

Q5: Is there a trade off between re-playability and others aspects of game enjoyment?

Q6: Are expansions a necessary component for extended re-playability?

Q7: How often do expect to play one game? Which game have you played the most? Why?

Q8: Looking toward the #BoardGameHour awards; The "I Want More” award for re-playability should focus on games that delivers what?

Toward the End, nomination will be open! Use #BGHAwards to submit games for the #IWantMore award for re-playability

You can join in Monday 8th September 2pm Eastern 7pm UK, either on twitter using #BoardgameHour on twitter or by signing into Nurph here:

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Look its Pandemic and Forbidden Desert designer Matt Leacock wearing his #BoardGameHour T-shirt! You could be as awesome as him (maybe)

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