Monday, 4 August 2014

The BoardGameHour Awards

Quite some time ago we had a #boardgamehour about awards. During it, some bright spark suggested we run a Board Game Hour awards... So here we are! Two weeks ago we announced that you would be able to vote on the categories for these awards (they are yours after all) and boy did you. We had around 150 votes cast in two weeks for what awards to give out.

We want the awards to be snappy and focused so we are going to have 5 categories in our first year.

And here they are:

  • The "Game Changer” award for Innovation in Board Gaming
  • The "I Want More” award for Best Re-playability
  • The “Head In The Game” award for most immersive game
  • The “Try It, You Might Like It” award for best introductory game
  • The “Card Board & Dice Propaganda” award for best board game media
So despite this being the 2014 #BoardGameHourAwards none of these awards are time sensitive so the games you pick / vote on don't have to have been released this year!

More to come about these awards next week.. Feel free to comment below, that will make us smile ;0)


  1. I love the name "The Game Changer!"

    Great choices hive mind of the internets!

  2. I intend doing little Logos for these awards ;0)

  3. So how do you submit games to these awards, or is it not possible yet?

  4. Hi Eric.. Each week in September we will have a #BoardGameHour topic for each award. for the rest of that week nominations will be open and you will be able to suggest games. We will short list from there. Does that help?


Thanks for adding to the conversation on Ministry of Board Games ;-)