Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pack O Games

I was recently (some time ago, sorry Chris) sent a little package by Chris Handy or as I know him @ChrisHandy on Twitter (where I live)
In it were 5 games each no bigger than your finger! Well my finger, I don't know the size of your finger. The concept, which I will tell you about now is: Pack o Games

What I don't want to do is tell you how each of the 5 games works. If you want to know that, and you sort of should, I have placed at the bottom of this page (don't go there yet) a link to the kickstarter page, where there are full reviews of the games themselves, by proper reviewers.

What I want to do is tell you about the Pack O Games project overall. Basically each game is a very well designed micro game. They range in complexity from Casual (these are really simple, light, almost party games) to Challenging (these are full on games, they don't seem to me to quite warrant the title challenging, but for the audience they are aimed at, that could well be the case)

The biggest thing about these games for me, is that each one of them made me say "ohhh, that's clever". Now keep in mind I am a jaded long time gamer. I am not easily impressed. So this is high praise.

I might not often play the casual games in this range, but, and its a big but, when the time comes I will be very thankful for having them. For instance, next week I am going camping with my Girlfirend who is not a gamer at all, but has requested I take game for us to play while away. Will I be taking all 5 of the games Chris sent me... Yes! They take up zero room, and they are fun light games.

I have to be honest, when I read about this it gave me a sort of mmmaaa feeling, but I have been impressed.

I am glad to see that the kickstarter is already funded (sorry again for taking so long Chris, its 5 games man!) and I really look forward to seeing what else is coming from this clearly talented designer.

Just so you know, my favorite game was: Gem

Check out the kickstarter while you still can:

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