Friday, 4 July 2014

Thunderclap your favorite board game

So I have just found out about a website called Thunderclap. Now you would think because I work in marketing that I would know all about every aspect of social media (I know quite a bit). Well It would seem we are all learning the whole time.

thunderclap logo

What is this Thunderclap? I hear you say, and how is it relevant to board games and the board game community? Well here's the thing... Its basically crowd sourced social media support for what ever campaign you like. So lets say for instance we really wanted to drop a big #BoardGameHour bomb over social media all at the same time. Coordinating that would be both a nightmare and would probably fall flat on its face. How about if you could pledge your support on a platform very similar to Kickstarter, but it doesn't cost you money, you just pledge a tweet / Facebook message. Well you can with Thunderclap.

The project owner sets a goal and a time frame just like kickstarter. If the goal (number of supporters) is reached, at the end of the campaign, the Thunderclap goes off... Everyone who supported the campaign automatically sends out a message on their chosen platform all at the same time. Imaging the impact / reach that could have for a game / project you really want to do well.

I have spoke enough, I will leave you with the first Thunderclap campaign I have ever backed, which is due to pop in a few days.. Its for a game I really like the look of called Factions.. Here is the link:

FACTIONS By TheoryCraft Gaming

Let me know if you have used this before or if there are other cool things like this at I don't know about.

See you Monday for #BoardGameHour


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