Friday, 11 July 2014

Board Gamers discussing sports?

So this week, like normal, when I asked for topic ideas for #BoardGameHour & got lots of good ones. The thing that made this week a little different was that there were some ideas in there that were a little more off the wall... Dare I say it unpopular! Now I am not someone to back away from a challenge so I decided to put two topics that I felt would be interesting but that are not "sexy" topics up for the vote. What I chose were (knowing that one had to win), "Book keeping in board games" or "Board games about sports". I could feel the ripple of discontent as I made the announcement ;0)

I understand this was a risky strategy and that it it might be just me and 2 other people chatting on Mondays #BoardGameHour but I think it is worth the risk and I want to explain why. I believe that we have a strong community who are both smart and have very interesting ideas. I also believe that there are a lot of board game related topics out there that are not often touched upon, because they are seen as unpopular. I feel that sometimes we should really take a good look at some of these and see why they are so disliked as a rule.

Just so you know, the winner with 56% and the topic for this weeks #BoardGameHour was "Sports Games".
I hear you shout; "but I don't like sport, what will we talk about that could be interesting to me?". Well my response is that I don't like farming but I enjoy Agicola. I defiantly don't like the idea of war, or killing people, but I like war games. Anyway, my point is, lets talk about this on Monday ;0)

So what is #BoardGameHour?

#boardgamehour takes place on twitter once a week. It's a virtual hangout for people who either love board games or want to know more about the hobby.
So the big question is how does #boardgamehour work?
It's simple, to join in during the hour, all you need to do is add the #boardgamehour hash-tag to your tweets. To see what everyone else is saying just search for #boardgamehour! It can be even easier than that too, see below ;0)
Each week we have a general topic, that you vote on and I, using @boardgamehour will post questions to help guide the discussion. Side conversation are always welcome as this is a virtual forum for you to chat with other gamers, I only try to make it as smooth and easy as possible :0)

Making #boardgamehour easier!

To make this live Twitter discussion easier, I have made a room on which we can all use. All you have to do is make sure you are logged into Twitter then go to and log in, using your Twitter account. You don't have to use this, everything will be the same as normal, but if you do us Nurph, it acts like a chat room for twitter and add the Hashtag automatically :0)
For one hour every week, it's time to talk nothing but board games. #boardgamehour happens across the western world Every Monday - start times are:

11am in L.A,
2pm in New York, (Eastern Time)
7pm in UK,
8pm in Germany,
9pm in Finland,
And many more places around the world!

As long as you have a twitter account, mine is @boardgamehour for instance, you can be part of this rapidly growing movement. See you on Monday :0)

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