Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sponsors announced for Cardboard & Sun 2014

If you love board games and like to travel we have some great news for you!

BoardGameTravel.com has announced a quality list of sponsors for their Cardboard & Sun 2014 trip to the Greek island of Paros. This is the second year this event will be taking place and the success of last year has attracted some great supporters.
“Can you think of anything you would rather do than sit by a beach, with a friendly group of gamers, playing your favourite board game? Well I can’t, which is why I am so excited about Cardboard & Sun 2014. This year it’s going to cost you less while being even bigger & better than ever!” - Iraklis Grous (event organizer)
Sponsors announced so far include:

Sun Tzu Games, which means Emil Larsen, the designer of Burning Suns. This wonderful 4x game had a long and interesting design story before its eventual triumphal funding on Kickstarter. Not only is he a sponsor but also Cardboard & Sun 2014’s guest designer. Emil will be taking with him some secret expansion and experimental stuff, in addition to new games he has been working on.

Eagle Games, publishers of fantastic games such as Francis Drake, Roll Through The Ages, Fleet, and who are currently kickstarting Nika.

Robert Burke Games is an independent board game publisher from North Carolina, USA. Published games include Cartoona, Battle For Souls, Gnomes: The Great Sweeping of Ammowan, The Offensive Band Name Generator and Draco Magi, which is now being crowd funded on Kickstarter!

GamerGlass, featuring the most beautiful game pieces you will ever play with, hand-made by Jenefer Ham.

Portal Games, publishers of such hit games as Robinson Crusoe, Legacy, Theseus, Neuroshima Hex, and Ignacy Trewiczek, author of Board Games That Tell Stories.

Cliquenabend.de, premier german-language board game review & video portal.

Booking for Cardboard & Sun 2014 is now open. The venue of the event is the boardgamer-owned Alea Apartments. Alea offers accommodation in cozy self-catered apartments and a beautiful inner courtyard where guests can enjoy playing their massive 500-game collection, full of both popular and rare modern board games. Rooms are limited and are allocated on a strict first-come, first-serve basis.

If you would like more information or what to see how last year went, check out the website, which includes a video by Rahdo: http://boardgametravel.com/cardboard-sun-2014/

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