Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ignacy Trzewiczek Interview Part 3

Sorry for the delay in posting part 3 of this brilliant interview! Life got in the way... Life, you can't live with it and you can't live without it... Anyway... Here is the penultimate part of our live #boardgamersask Ignacy Trzewiczek of Portal Games:

@the_FlyingSheep #BoardGamersAsk After the success of using KS for your book, are you considering using KS for publishing a game?
@trzewik @the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask I don't know yet. Rather not. I'd rather prefer to keep KS for crazy/special projects.

@ginobrancazio @trzewik Do you design your games in Polish then translate to english or vice versa? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @ginobrancazio #boardgamersask my prototypes're in mostly ENG with some Polish words here and there. English game slang is my first language

@BoardGamersAsk If you are just watching don't be afraid to ask question of this awesome designer  #boardgamersask

@WispHollow #BoardGamersAsk If you could travel back in time and tell yourself only one thing in only 4 words what would it be?

@trzewik @WispHollow #boardgamersask "Keep working."
@WispHollow @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk good answer but the correct one was "invest in apple"

@bguffe #boardgamersask @trzewik In you opinion, what was the most innovative game of 2013?
@trzewik @bguffe #boardgamersask I wish I could play more from 2013! Perhaps Dice Duel (from among those I know).

@coffeeswiller Any upcoming games you are excited about? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @coffeeswiller #boardgamersask  There is 1 game by Bruno Cathala - I played it as prototype... Amazing! :)

@BoardGamersAsk @trzewik did you enjoy using Kickstarter? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask KS is super exciting and may be addictive. This is 100% contact with your fans/customers. Superfun.

@vojtasass @trzewik Would you like to make a board game based on Cyberpunk P&P? CD Projekt RED is working on CP2077, so... :D #BoardGamersAsk
@trzewik @vojtasass #boardgamersask I don't know :)

@BoardGamersAsk If you have posted a question that has not yet been answered please repost it. This is not easy for the guest :0) #boardgamersask

@bguffe #boardgamersask @trzewik If you could play a game with any 1-5 ppl, alive or dead, fictional or real, who would you play with? What game?
@trzewik @bguffe #boardgamersask  Time's up with Joe Pesci

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @trzewik Do you have a game idea that you have not yet managed to get mechanics to work to support story. #boardgamersask
@trzewik @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask at this moment not. But if I have one, I would be pissed of  till the moment I find solution ;)

@BoardGamersAsk Make sure you use the hashtag #boardgamersask if you want @trzewik and everyone else to see you question :0)

@trzewik #boardgamersask man, this is fast. I wish I have more time to react. And more than 140 characters :D
@BoardGamersAsk Oh twitter why do you fight me so!  #boardgamersask

(It is fair to say that Ignacy was being bombarded with questions at this point... I have removed any that he did not get a chance to answer. #boardgamersask can be quite intense and tweetchat was not working on this day which made it 10 times harder, so well done to Ignacy for answering the ones he did)

@HerrohGrant @trzewik Do you have a beloved game (yours or otherwise) for which you'd like to make a new edition (rules/theme/etc)? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @HerrohGrant #boardgamersask I'd like to make new edition of every my game :( I am disappointed with each of my games.

@MofBG Hi Ignacy, do you have any plans to redo / add to Stronghold? Its such a good two player game #boardgamersask
@trzewik @MofBG #boardgamersask 2015 Stronghold II Expect it.

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @trzewik What made you get into game design? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask This is long story. I write about it in my book. Basically I drop off the college

@BoardGamersAsk Last question from me (so others get more chance), what 3 tips would you give to an aspiring board game designer? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask work hard. play games. visit cons and meet people.

The Final Part will be posted tomorrow, I promise!

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