Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ignacy Trzewiczek Interview Final Part

Here is the climax to #boardgamersask Ignacy of Portal Games... We had a great time as you will see:

@ginobrancazio @trzewik what impact do you think 3D printing will have on boardgame designing? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @ginobrancazio #boardgamersask I have no idea except the fact - it will be huge. It will change a lot.

@RMBLees @trzewik the new one or the old series from 1980's? #robinhood #robinofsherwood #boardgamersask
@trzewik @RMBLees #boardgamersask Michael Predd as Robin.

@vojtasass @trzewik When will The Witcher board game be released? Month? #BoardGamersAsk

@trzewik @vojtasass #boardgamersask :P I have no idea (or at least I can't say). More than a month. :)

@jackson_pope I'm enjoying spying on #boardgamersask with @trzewik while finishing my coffee in a motorway services. Interesting stuff.
@trzewik @jackson_pope #boardgamersask Greetings, sir! :)

@rickyroyalbod @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk i'm looking forward to your book Ignacy. Which chapter are you most proud of, and looking forward to use reading?
@trzewik @rickyroyalbod #boardgamersask Thank you. There is a plenty of amazing articles from my contributors. Can't wait to have the book ready!

@RMBLees @trzewik thank you for answering all my questions today. #boardgamersask
@trzewik @RMBLees Your welcome! :) #boardgamersask

@WispHollow #BoardGamersAsk What was your biggest missed opportunity that you wish you could go back and fix
@trzewik @WispHollow #boardgamersask so far I am lucky bastard and my last few years as a designer and publisher are more or less like a dream.

@watcher_969 "@BoardGamersAsk @trzewik #boardgamersask Least favorite or intriguing game mechanic to you?
@trzewik @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask I don't like auction games (because I suck in auction games). I will probably never design it

@mateuszpejas #boardgamersask @trzewik What's the game that you want to play and never had any chance?
@trzewik @mateuszpejas #boardgamersask Magekinght, Brass and La Havre are my resolution for 2014

@vojtasass @trzewik I know that TWAG isn't printing yet, but will it be released in the first half of this year? Or later? #BoardGamersAsk
@trzewik @vojtasass #boardgamersask It depends on FFG and China manufacturer. From my side, game is finished.

@BoardGamersAsk We only have 10 minutes left! Any last questions for Ignacy #boardgamersask

@mateuszpejas #boardgamersask @trzewik Any recomendation of a game for kids and parents?
@trzewik @mateuszpejas Ramzes from Ravensburger or Labyrynth from Ravensburger. Great family games. #boardgamersask

@rickyroyalbod @trzewik #boardgamersask What will be on the book cover, have you decided on some good artwork???
@trzewik @rickyroyalbod #boardgamersask I keep this shown on KS page. I like it.

@watcher_969 "@BoardGamersAsk @trzewik #boardgamersask Is there an Intellectual Property you would like to design a game for?"
@trzewik @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask Witcher was my dream and my goal. Now I need to look for new goal :)

@the_FlyingSheep Thanks to @trzewik for answering questions and @BoardGamersAsk for hosting  #BoardGamersAsk.

@CoupleVs @trzewik Been lurking -- thanks for your time.  I really dig your approach to theme and story -- so thanks.  Great session.  #boardgamersask
@trzewik @CoupleVs #boardgamersask Thank you!

@WispHollow @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk. ... Well now I'm jealous. .. lol
@trzewik @WispHollow #boardgamersask  I am lucky bastard. What can I say :D

@WispHollow @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk I'm currently in that void where I am sinking in more than I am getting out :). Does that ever go away ?
@trzewik @WispHollow I don't know :) #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk I think we had better not take any more questions now, just 5 minutes for Ignacy to answer any questions that are left #boardgamersask

@vojtasass @trzewik Would you like to make or publish lighter games more like The Witcher AG style? Ameritrash needs some fresh air #BoardGamersAsk
@trzewik @vojtasass #boardgamersask I can't do easy games. ;( It was really hard task to make simple game. But I keep trying :)

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Thank you for hosting & @trzewik thank your answers. Look forward to upcoming games, posts, & book. #boardgamersask
@trzewik @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask Thanks!

@trzewik #boardgamersask Thank you for joining me. Thank you for questions. Please, visit my blog to read more than 140 ;)

@vojtasass @trzewik Thanks for your time and answers! #BoardGamersAsk

@BoardGamersAsk ...and our #boardgamersask time is up for this week! Your question were great, as were @trzewik 's answers. What a star!

@jen_freeman @trzewik thanks for participating for #boardgamersask, looking forward to the book :)

@BoardGamersAsk Thanks again to @trzewik for answering our questions today! I look forward to seeing what else comes from his wonderful mind #boardgamersask

@64ozGames Missed #Boardgamersask  this week but the hash tag gave me some great ideas on people to follow.

Thanks again to Ignacy for taking the time to be our guest, and to all of you for asking such great questions!

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