Thursday, 16 January 2014

Topic vote #Gamingandwoman or #DexterityGames

So, as many of you know, I like to keep the themes for #boardgamehour pretty loose. I don't like the idea of dictating what we should all talk about, just want to give us a focus. I think this has worked well, but one thing that often happens when I put up the voting choices is people asking what I mean by them. They want to make an informed decision (unlike the voting public in politic elections) but I don't want to dictate.

So here is the answer (I think).. I'm going to outline the topics loosely so that you can see what I am thinking on each one:

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to), is board gaming a friendly environment for females? What could be done to improve our culture to make it more gender balanced? Are some games liked more by men or women? Who are the female game designers / publishers we should be looking out for? Have I managed to write this without saying anything that will make me look sexist? lots of the people who take a driving seat during #boardgamehour are woman and I'd love to know what percent? Is this reflected in gaming groups across the world?

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to) games that involved flicking, stacking, removing bits. Are there any dexterity games that have strategy too? Do you like dexterity games, why? Could dexterity be used in heavier games? What dexterity elements have I forgotten about...

all you have to do is go onto twitter and type a message to me using the hashtag you want to win.
Something like:
"Hay @boardgamehour I vote for #TopicYouPick""@boardgamehour I will be voting for #TopicYouPick this week because I'm cool! #boardgamehour""I love #boardgamehour and I vote #TopicYouPick"
if you want  #Gamingandwoman use that hastag
if you want  #DexterityGames use that hastag

So in brief, they are your options! Voting closes at some point before Monday, when I get the chance to count them, so get you votes in now.

See you soon :0D

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