Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 2

Here is part two of Ryan's interview:

@InsertStrawHere @slaqr What is your guilty pleasure boardgame? You know. The one you won't admit to but will now just because I asked? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @InsertStrawHere Oh boy...admit to a fault? Not my style...but I will say that I don't mind a game of Fluxx now and again! #boardgamersask

@Could not find @TableForged's question, so i'm going to guess it was something like "should games have minatures"
@slaqr @TableForged Yes...make sure they are unique in appearance, detailed in design, and necessary for the game.  If not, pass... #boardgamersask

@WispHollow #BoardGamersAsk. What came first the chicken or the egg??
@slaqr @WispHollow Obviously the egg...Ovulating animals existed far before the evolution of the modern day chicken. #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @slaqr @WispHollow #SCIENCE! #boardgamersask
@WispHollow @slaqr #BoardGamersAsk ha!! Trick question.  Everyone knows the easter bunny brings the eggs.  So the bunny came first.

@RandomNerdery @slaqr What's the one thing you should never do in a review? #boardgamersask

@slaqr @RandomNerdery Never?!  I TRY to never unconditionally trash a game.  Most (if not all) games have a positive. #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask @slaqr any games coming out in the future that excite you?
@slaqr @MartyM1981 I'd have to say that I try not to look TOO far in to the future now.  I am so behind on current stuff! #boardgamersask
@slaqr @MartyM1981 Since Essen is the big release time for me, most of the Euro (Medium/Heavy) stuff released there is my gold! #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Ryan, do you get lots of free games now a days? Are they finished games of prototypes? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk I do get quite a few review copies, usually at conventions, and they are typically production copies. #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk The only time we deal in prototypes is when we do the Kickstarter Previews. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire What's your favorite activity/hobby outside of boardgames and reviews? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @reldnahcire There are activities outside of board games!?!  I enjoy reading and going to the movies (52 this year)! #boardgamersask

@ad7m @slaqr What do you think of the rising popularity of highly produced/edited shows like @ShutUpShow and @ImBoardWithLife? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @ad7m I'm a big proponent of any show, especially those well produced and edited, that draw positive attention to games! #boardgamersask

@g_avenant @slaqr #boardgamersask game you are looking forward to playing over the holidays?
@slaqr @g_avenant I'll actually be away from my games for the holidays at the "in-laws".  We may play some tichu though! #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask @slaqr what heavy/euro game do you recommend to a new to heavy board game guy like me!? :) thanks for the answers man!
@slaqr @MartyM1981 Some greats:  Power Grid, Trajan, Goa, Brass, Caylus, Through the Ages!  You WILL like something there #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask you mentioned not liking negotiation games earlier. Is it on the publisher not to send a game of a style you don't like?
@slaqr @reldnahcire Absolutely on the publisher.  If they ASK me if I would like it, and I know the mechanics, I will refuse. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire Rhetorical but why can't it be #boardgamersask #boardgamehour all the time?
Ministry of board games @MofBG no! We need to sleep and earn money ;0)

@RandomNerdery @slaqr Is there one particular game on your Christmas list this year? :) #boardgamersask
@slaqr @RandomNerdery Games aren't allowed on my Christmas list!  I'm excited to play Euphoria tonight though! #boardgamersask

@slaqr Is catching up possible? #boardgamersask
Ministry: No, not really...

@BoardGamersAsk Ryan, Do you ever back Kickstarter campaigns if so which ones are you looking forward to getting / funding? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk I do, although not usually for games anymore.  I backed Belfort Expansion and Coin Age by @Ad7m #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 @slaqr theme is vital to me too! Will take a look at these! What game out of these bring out the theme best? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @MartyM1981 Of the ones I listed, the theme is best in Power Grid or Brass.  Heavy Euros are not known for strong theme. #boardgamersask


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