Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 1

Our last guest on #boardgamersask before the holidays was the Dice Tower's own Ryan Metzler. A video reviewer and all round nice guy (he told me to say that).. Ryan got though a lot of question! Here is part 1:
Ryan is of course @slaqr on twitter

@slaqr All ready for my @BoardGamersAsk appearance! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk "Lets get the ball rolling then!

@LouisvilleDad #boardgamersask Favorite game from this year's Essen?
@slaqr My favorite Essen game from 2013, thus far, would have to be Francis Drake.  A great Euro with a nice flow. Still, I haven't played MANY of the 2013 Essen games.  They are still coming in.  That opinion may well change. #boardgamersask

@LouisvilleDad #boardgamersask Game that you most want to play but haven't yet?
@slaqr For games that I would like to play, but haven't had a chance to yet, I'm really dying to get my hands on Russian Railroads! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @slaqr I've played Russian Railroads, would you like my review (I jest) #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk I'd like to know how many games you own? #boardgamersask

@slaqr My owned game list is ALWAYS off...I'd wager that at any given time I own approximately 300 games, give or take 20. #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery Hey Ryan! @slaqr What's the most original game you've reviewed? #boardgamersask
@slaqr The most original game I've reviewed...hard question! I'm not sure much is entirely original anymore Story telling games I find to be original and unique, and puzzle solving like in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. #boardgamersask

@LiterallyTony @slaqr, What is it about boardgames that made you pursue this route (reviewing on YouTube)? #boardgamersask
@slaqr I just kind of fell in to reviewing.  It seems people liked my style and opinion, but I wouldn't say i was driven to it.#boardgamersask

@spencerkellis @slaqr @BoardGamersAsk Most-innovative board game aspect of the last few years? (rule, component, theme, etc.) #BoardGamersAsk
@slaqr   As far as the most innovative board gaming development of the recent years, I'd have to say the Microgame revolution however, deck building had a huge influence on the development of new games, as has the web based/ipad market! #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask @slaqr what is the worst part about reviewing boardgames? Best? Most tedious?
@slaqr The worst part about reviewing, without a doubt, is playing the games you don't WANT to play and having to leave some that you are DYING to play on the shelf, staring at you, calling to you.  #boardgamersask

@64ozGames Do you feel that paid reviews for products to be kickstarted is a conflict of interest? Leaves a sour taste in my mouth. #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @64ozGames #boardgamersask id like to add to this question that I don't watch paid reviews and think it dilutes your brand. Care to expound?
@slaqr @64ozGames Paid "REVIEWS" are not paid "PREVIEWS".  We make no promise of ANY opinion, much less positive/negative. #boardgamersask
@slaqr @64ozGames I think paid reviews would be wrong...but a simple video outlining the game devoid of stated opinion is fine #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Wow Ryan is breezing through these questions! very interesting questions and answers.  #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire @slaqr Thoughts on digification (is that a word?) of boardgames? good or bad? #boardgamersask. I like being able to play LoW on roadtrips!
@slaqr "Digification" is, undoubtedly, good.  Although it takes away some of the social aspect, it opens up other avenues to play! #boardgamersask

@ByAmyReid Ryan, are there any mechanisms you don't like, if so are you put off reviewing games containing them? #boardgamersask
@slaqr Mechanisms I don't like (typically): Trading, Roll & Move, Negotiation...I'm not a good interaction person #boardgamersask

@ad7m .@slaqr who is, like, your BEST board gamer friend? Like, your BFF. BBGFF. #boardgamersask
@slaqr LOL @Ad7m ...am I supposed to say you? #boardgamersask
@ad7m @slaqr only if it's true, WHICH IT IS. #boardgamersask
@64ozGames @slaqr Go ahead and admit you love @ad7m most. Nobody's listening right now. #boardgamersask
@slaqr @ad7m well the answer is obviously Andrea ;) But as for non-significant other friends, I do enjoy you quite a bit! :) #boardgamersask

@NJekich So @BoardGamersAsk @slaqr I love the YouTube reviews! How long does it take to put together the Dice Tower review videos? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @Njekich Typically (not counting playing the game), not too long.  Most of what I film, you see.  Editing is short as well! #boardgamersask
@slaqr @Njekich So most of the time goes in to playing and analyzing the game. Actual processing is a hour or two. #boardgamersask

@WispHollow #BoardGamersAsk If you had opportunity to work with one person in the game design Industry.  Who would it be and why?
@slaqr @WispHollow I'd love to work with Richard Garfield, whom I've not hand the chance to meet.  The man is a legend! #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask @slaqr would you consider designing a game since you are so prevalent with them?
@slaqr @MartyM1981 I have many "games" in the works. Unfortunately, so many other things come up that I never get to develop them! #boardgamersask
@slaqr @MartyM1981 So to answer your question more directly...maybe some day? #boardgamersask


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