Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview final part

To give the amusing final part of the interview some context, Ryan was super fast at answering question (It was like he had been practising at home on his own!) ENJOY:

@BoardGamersAsk 5 minutes left! Any last questions for the answering machine that is Ryan? #boardgamersask
@slaqr "I'm such a machine that I'm just going to keep typing answers.  You come up with the questions!
@slaqr Answer: Neil Diamond #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk I think its fair to say that you won Ryan.. You were answering questions before we even asked them some of the time! #boardgamersask
@slaqr Answer: 42 #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk sure, @slaqr is it okay if I say thank you again? You were awesome and maybe even better the second half! #boardgamersask
@slaqr Answer: Doc Martins #boardgamersask
@slaqr @reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk Thanks a lot!  I hope it was informative!  #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr What LP have you not seen made into a boardgame that you would to see made into game? #BoardGamersAsk
@slaqr @watcher_969 @BoardGameHour Great Question.  I'd go for more Dystopians (Euphoria may be a good start). No specific tho. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk last one from me.. how many hours a week do you play games? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk I'd say a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 10? #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery @slaqr  If you could pick a gaming group of three people to play with from anywhere in space and time, who would they be? #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @RandomNerdery saved the best for last! #boardgamersask
@RandomNerdery @BoardGamersAsk Sneaking an extra one in in the closing seconds! :) #boardgamersask
@slaqr @RandomNerdery Any three?  Nikola Tesla, my Grandfather, and... #boardgamersask
@slaqr @RandomNerdery ...lets go with Darwin! #boardgamersask

@NigelPyne @slaqr #boardgamersask - What is the greatest story game ever made?
@slaqr @NigelPyne Probably Tales of the Arabian Nights #boardgamersask
@NigelPyne @slaqr #boardgamersask - I agree but I was attempting a question to your answer of 42. LOL

@BoardGamersAsk I think we will say they are the last questions now.. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames What should I have for lunch? #boardgamersask #almostoff
@slaqr @64ozGames Mexican #boardgamersask

@Punch_Cardboard @slaqr Thanks for participating.  It was a great intro to #boardgamersask for me!

@BoardGamersAsk A big thank you to the star of #boardgamersask today Ryan Metzler.. check out his reviews at the

@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr What game mechanic do you love to play and talk about after game? #BoardGamersAsk
@slaqr @watcher_969 @BoardGameHour Anything with "Screw your Neighbor" #boardgamersask
@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr #BoardGamersAsk Thanks for answering questions. Enjoyed the Hour even though my questions came at end.

@slaqr Thanks everyone!  I had a blast!   #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk "January's guests are:
10th Rob Daviau
17th Ignacy Trzewiczek
 24th Antoine Bauza
31st Ed Marriott #boardgamersask"

@BoardGamersAsk Thanks again Ryan, glad you liked it :0) #boardgamersask

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