Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 1

Rob Daviau is a game designer with a massive list of credits to his name and we were lucky enough to have him as our first guest for #boardgamersask in 2014. 
Here is part one of our crowd sourced interview:

@BoardGamersAsk We will start #boardgamersask as soon as @robdaviaugamer gives the *nod*.. I'm not going to lie, I'm very excited about this today
@robdaviaugamer I'm ready to go. #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine @robdaviaugamer Did you expect the success of Risk Legacy? What do you think draws gamers to it? #boardgamersask

@robdaviaugamer @AresMagazine I did not expect it all. I really expected it to be a strange failure. I think people like narrative. #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep My clock says it's not time to start yet, but I put a sticker on it, so now #boardgamersask can begin! (:

@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer #BoardGamersAsk what has been the biggest change in the way you design board games today, compared with 2 years ago?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees I work for myself now so everything has changed. More freedom but I pay the bills myself. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Do you think a global shared legacy game (board game, a la warhammer global tournaments)could be interesting?
@robdaviaugamer I think it sounds fascinating. Would take a large, dedicated team to figure it all out though. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio .@robdaviaugamer What's the best piece of advice you can give new designers when they're still early on in the design? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio All early designs are awful. Resist the urge to shelve it forever. Also listen to where the game wants to go. #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask How are the playtests for SeaFall going? Are you still looking for playtesters?
@robdaviaugamer @the_FlyingSheep Coming along. And yes. Need new thinking for the next version, ready in two or three weeks. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Can one make a Legacy Game where the players don't have to have a consistent game group?
@robdaviaugamer @reldnahcire I'm sure one can. I haven't tried (yet) because I'm doing a communal narrative design. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Hello.Thanks for doing this today.What is your favorite game mechanic? Best implementation? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Not sure I have a favorite. I do delight in the Knizia game where you are climbing a mountain. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer What is a game mechanic that does not intrigue you? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk I really don't love auctions. Mostly because I suck at them. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer #BoardGamersAsk is there a license property that you would like to design a game for?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk Doctor Who these days. I love designing to licenses in general. #boardgamersask

@BoardGameHour Lots of question right of the bat for Rob.. Good work folks! Lets give Rob a chance to answer ;0) #boardgamersask

@64ozGames Do you feel like when working with a big brand like Hasbro you have the freedom to make design choices best for the player? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames Mostly but not always. Hasbro largely left design to the designers. #oversimplification. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Game that you love? Get any playtime? Game on wishlist, not acquired and/or played? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk I'm woefully behind on games but have a 4-day gaming weekend next week to catch up. #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine @robdaviaugamer agree about the draw of narrative. Do you think we'll see more games like RL and Seafall being developed? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @AresMagazine Maybe? They are a time suck to do so I see why people might avoid them. #boardgamersask

@BoardGameTravel Hi Rob, do you have any game designs that have been in your head for years that you can't finish? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @BoardGameTravel I have a list of about 40 games I'd love to start but important to finish the ones I have going. #boardgamersask

@LudiCreations Hi @robdaviaugamer, #boardgamersask what do you feel can be done to bring hobby games to a more mainstream audience?
@robdaviaugamer @LudiCreations Better themes. Farming/trading/building is a kind of a neutral theme to most. #boardgamersask

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow, see you then :0)

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