Friday, 24 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 4

Here is part four of the Crowd sourced #boardgamersask Rob Daviau interview:
@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk what was your game of 2013?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees  @BoardGamersAsk I just discovered (and loved) Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Not released in 2013 I know. #boardgamersask

@BoardGameHour #boardgamersask @robdaviaugamer How often do you get to play board games? How big is your collection? Ok so I sneaked in two questions
@robdaviaugamer @BoardGameHour Other than my own? Rarely. Just found a game group. My collection isn't big. Few hundred. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames What game are you most proud of? Betrayal? Legacy? Lord of the Rings Monopoly? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames Probably Legacy, Betrayal, and Heroscape. Was developer on Betrayal and tertiary designer on Heroscape. #boardgamersask
@64ozGames @robdaviaugamer I can see that. I really was tempted to make up with some terrible fictional license you never worked on. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames It is possible you could've fooled me. #boardgamersask
@64ozGames @robdaviaugamer You dont remeber working on Spongebob Battleship? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames THAT I would remember. My wife did the graphics for Connect 4 SpongeBob as a side note. #boardgamersask

@andy_lenox One reason R:L is fun is because  of interesting goals other than just winning. Any thoughts on this? #boardgamersask

@FlashForwardCo When you were designing Betrayal, how did you initially feel about 1 player versus all? @robdaviaugamer #Boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @FlashForwardCo It was designed, in part, to create an episodic TV season. So I wanted stories to emerge. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @FlashForwardCo Loved it. I love asymmetry. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Thats cool and some great indie RPGs out there now but always time for D&D dungeoncrawl. #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk  I'll be there if you run one. #boardgamersask
@LudiCreations @robdaviaugamer On it! #boardgamersask

@jhrrsn @robdaviaugamer How did you build up your network of playtesters for your game designs? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @jhrrsn These days via Twitter. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Other places of inspiration for game design ideas? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Most of my ideas are outside of games. History. TV. Art. Sports. Even a t-shirt. #boardgamersask

@KindFortress #boardgamersask How do you plan to monetize a legacy game if expansions are 'baked in' ?
@robdaviaugamer @KindFortress Poorly. Or re-release it in x years with all new unlock materials. #boardgamersask
@KindFortress @robdaviaugamer As in a reset pack? Or variant unlocks? #boardgamersask
@Sarcastic_Robot @robdaviaugamer @KindFortress I think people would rebuy it. Although it might more cost effective to just sell the unlocks #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @KindFortress Variant unlocks. Set out to sea again but find a whole new world out there. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk thank you for answering all my questions.
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees  @BoardGamersAsk Thanks for taking the time to stop and ask. #boardgamersask

@GameritisGuy #boardgamersask @robdaviaugamer, what do you feel is the most unexplored game mechanic that deserves more time in the limelight
@robdaviaugamer @GameritisGuy Not sure. You stumped me. But I don't always think in mechanics but narrative. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk If you are just watching cause you can't think of what to ask, give us a *wave* #boardgamersask
@jdetgen "@BoardGamersAsk *wave*
@MeesterPepper @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask WAVES FRANTICALLY
@rhiochs *Wave* #boardgamersask

@64ozGames @robdaviaugamer @trichy #boardgamersask Or disadvatage?
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames  @trichy That works as well. Trickier to monitor though. #boardgamersask

Join us tomorrow for the final part.. It's a good one!

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