Thursday, 23 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 3

Here is part three of the #boardgamersask crowd sourced interview with game designer Rob Daviau:

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer Is there anything you would like to ask us? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio What do you expect to see in SeaFall? #boardgamersask
@Sarcastic_Robot @Sarcastic_Robot: @robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio the chance to create an undiscovered coast line with undiscovered islands. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @Sarcastic_Robot @Sarcastic_Robot  @ginobrancazio That part you'll definitely get. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer #BoardGamersAsk how about expandable legacy games with print on demand or basic expansion sets?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees Right now (after 1.5 legacy games so it'll change) I see the expansions as baked in as unlocks. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames @reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk @RMBLees @robdaviaugamer #boardgamersask This idea is insanely cool. I would stop convulsing to try it.
@reldnahcire @64ozGames @BoardGamersAsk @RMBLees @robdaviaugamer I'll buy it and we can play at a con? Deal? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @reldnahcire @64ozGames @BoardGamersAsk @RMBLees Lost the thread on this one. Buy what? #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep @robdaviaugamer @andy_lenox Are you working on mass market games at the same time as SeaFall? Can you share details? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @the_FlyingSheep  @andy_lenox Do consulting back to Hasbro that I can't talk about. Trying to get inventions to market. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Rob, what is your favourite type of game / mechanic when you get a chance to play? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk I love games with a good theme that tell a good story. It also depends on who I am playing with. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire Did anyone ask our guest what his first board/rpg game experience was? #Boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Any RPG elements that you would like to bring to boardgame design? Or do bring? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Legacy games are rpgs brought to board games.  #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep #BoardGamersAsk (Both a plug, and I'd like to get a chance to meet IRL) Are you going to @TotalConGaming next month?
@robdaviaugamer @the_FlyingSheep @TotalConGaming Not planning on it. Where is it? #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer If you could 'enter' any game like in Jumanji, what would you pick and why? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio Busen memo. (Sorry.) Ah, when younger I always wanted to be in a D&D world. #boardgamersask

@Sarcastic_Robot How did you come up with the idea of a persistent board game. One where each play affects the next game? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @Sarcastic_Robot There is a one-hour talk floating around the Internet where I get into it in depth. #boardgamersask
@Sarcastic_Robot @robdaviaugamer ooh. I'd like to find that. Google search Time. #boardgamersask

There is no need to google, you have the Ministry! Here is the really interesting talk by Rob:

Next part tomorrow!

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