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Rob Daviau interview FINAL part

And this is the last part of our really interesting Rob Daviau interview! Enjoy...
@jhrrsn @robdaviaugamer favourite D&D class? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @jhrrsn Ranger. Maybe wizard. Bard. I tend to talk a lot so being a bard justifies it. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer What's the biggest mistake you see new designers making over and over again? #boardgamersask

@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio Not realizing when a game only appeals to themselves and their friends. Not streamlining (I still do that). #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk what board or card game do you most wish you had designed?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees  @BoardGamersAsk Magic The Gathering? I tend to make what I like so I don't get too wistful of others. #boardgamersask
@RMBLees "@robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk apart from magic :-)
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees  @BoardGamersAsk War of the Ring. Love that game. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Before I forget and to be sure I second @BoardGamersAsk, let's all thank @robdaviaugamer for giving us some of his time!
@robdaviaugamer @reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk You should thank my wife, who got stuck with cutting out SeaFall cards while I do this. #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk We all will if you give us an @ account :D #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @reldnahcire  @BoardGamersAsk @cakelindsay #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep RT @reldnahcire: #boardgamersask Before I forget and to be sure I second @BoardGamersAsk, let's all thank @robdaviaugamer for giving us som…
@ginobrancazio RT @reldnahcire: #boardgamersask Before I forget and to be sure I second @BoardGamersAsk, let's all thank @robdaviaugamer for giving us som…

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer How much of an impact do you see 3D printers having in boardgame designing in future? #Boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio It'll help with prototyping immensely. Not sure how much it'll affect production. Maybe print and play? #boardgamersask

@64ozGames @robdaviaugamer #boardgamersask Interesting.  She works at Hasbro too? Is that how you met? #GamingDonJuan
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames We both used to before they moved our jobs and, yes, it was love at first GenCon booth. #boardgamersask

@johnlonnie @robdaviaugamer @GameritisGuy that said do you gauge playtests based on how clearly a narrative emerges amongst the players? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @johnlonnie  @GameritisGuy In most of my games, yes. If it is a kids game or party game there are different metrics. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer What's the largest design team you've been a part of? Do you prefer more or less designers involved? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio At Hasbro you'd have engineers, art directors, cost people etc. on a team. HUGE help compared to now. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio Largest team of just designers was about three. That's a nice number. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire Everyone let @cakelindsay how much we appreciate her working on SeaFall while @robdaviaugamer chats with us! #boardgamersask #boardgamehour

@AresMagazine @robdaviaugamer read that LOST & Abrams' mystery box inspired u in ur design process. any shows/films doing that today? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @AresMagazine Not that I can think of. SeaFall is more based on history. #boardgamersask

@GameritisGuy #boardgamersask @robdaviaugamer Would you have done anything different in Betrayal? I love the mechanic, but most people say it's lenghty.
@robdaviaugamer @GameritisGuy I didn't finish it, the development went to WotC. I would've finished it differently (not necessarily better). #boardgamersask

@MofBG Hi @robdaviaugamer what do you think the key is to getting more people into hobby gaming? #boardgamersask #goldenbullet
@robdaviaugamer @MofBG More compelling themes. #boardgamersask

@robdaviaugamer I'm noticing in my Twitter feed that people are asking questions/responding without the hashtag. I won't see it that way. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer What would you like to see more of at games conventions? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio Me. I can never get to enough. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire Wife cutting out prototypes? Are you listening @Emren ? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @64ozGames  @BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire @Emren While she's home with the stomach flu. I am beyond grateful. #boardgamersask

@GameritisGuy #boardgamersask @robdaviaugamer #notaquestion While I'm not a Risk fan, I'm certainly looking forward to SeaFall and "leaving my mark!"

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer If someone was pitching a game idea to you, what good and bad things would you look out for? #Boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio When pitching a game, tell me how I'll feel playing it, not how it plays.  #boardgamersask

@bluecatgamesltd @robdaviaugamer With the growth of the 'microgame', what do you think is making them more popular? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @bluecatgamesltd They are new, fun, and different. Impulse purchase too. Won't sweat spending $10 without doing research. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Rob, as a game designer what would an average day look like for you? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk A mix of design, development, bookkeeping, business development, prototyping and maybe lunch. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer Thank you, makes perfect sense when you think about it! #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Would you like to collaborate on a project? With whom would be your dream collaborator? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk I'm collaborating now on two things, which is fun. Like to work with Steven Moffat. #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk must run--thanks to Rob for his time and answers! #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Any last questions for @robdaviaugamer folks, get them in while we still have time.. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Are you close or far away from original game design after playtesting finishes? #BoardGamersAsk
@robdaviaugamer @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Not sure I follow. #boardgamersask

@bluecatgamesltd @robdaviaugamer #boardgamersask At what point do you consider a new design 'finished'?
@robdaviaugamer @bluecatgamesltd Never, in a way. But there are diminishing returns on revisions at some point. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio @bluecatgamesltd When a company buys it or when I've spent real money on art and tooling. #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask sorry I've missed out on this baby sitting duties have took over! Haha!

@the_FlyingSheep "#BoardGamersAsk
What question do you wish we had asked? -or-
What question are you glad we didn't ask?"
@robdaviaugamer @the_FlyingSheep I regret nothing. I do struggle with "favorite x" questions though. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Did you have a good time?  Who would you most like to see answer questions like this?  Did we meet your expectations?

@BoardGamersAsk no more time for any new questions as this point, just the last few answers if there are any questions left unanswered #boardgamersask

@robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk I think I hit them all, or all with the hashtag. Miss any? #boardgamersask

@bluecatgamesltd @robdaviaugamer #boardgamersask When starting a new design, do you prefer to start with theme and then create mechanics, or the other way?
@robdaviaugamer @bluecatgamesltd Theme and story first. My brain just works that way. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer How involved are you with the internal box design? Have any really impressed you by being innovative? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio The graphics? Varying amounts. It's tough to blend style and functionality. #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery Bah, super-late for this week's #boardgamersask - I have a lot to read through!

@robdaviaugamer Have to run, I'm afraid. Need to get to Boston to make my friends play SeaFall. Thank you all for taking the time. #boardgamersask

@robdaviaugamer Hope I was helpful. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer one last tweet, thank you for your time! And a thanks to @BoardGamersAsk for organising #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk And that is your hour of Q&A with the mighty @robdaviaugamer up... #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk A big thank you to @robdaviaugamer for taking our questions today, what an interesting guy, I'm sure you agree! #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Thanks for answering questions today & chatting with you before. #BoardGamersAsk

@RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer #BoardGamersAsk thanks again guys.

@Emren @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk @64ozGames @reldnahcire think about that. You really want me near your games with scissors? #boardgamersask

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