Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ignacy Trzewiczek Interview Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Live crowd-sourced interview with the mighty Ignacy!

@the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask Was playtesting a co-op game different from testing a competitive game in any unexpected ways?
@trzewik @the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask it was unexpected easier. I could do 4, 5 test games per day just playing alone and pretending 4 players
@the_FlyingSheep @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk Hmm... that seems to support the "co-ops are solitaire by committee" argument.

@bguffe #boardgamersask @trzewik What polish game(s) deserves a wider, international distribution?
@trzewik @bguffe #boardgamersask #Metallum is pretty good. #K2 is very good.

@jen_freeman #boardgamersask @trzewik what is your favourite novel based game not from yourself?

@trzewik @jen_freeman #boardgamersask I really love In 80 days around world from Kosmos. Underrated family game!

@MofBG Hi @trzewik do you have any plans to publish other designers games through Portal Games? Do you take submissions? #boardgamersask (not me)
@trzewik @MofBG #boardgamersask Yes, we have new authors signed already and I always look for good games that matches my philosophy of good game

@BoardGamersAsk Do we have any new people taking part today? give us a *wave* #boardgamersask

@RMBLees Apart from "the story", what is the most important part of designing games that tell stories? @trzewik #boardgamersask
@trzewik @RMBLees #boardgamersask choices choices, you put choices. Players choose. Then they want rematch to see other outcome from different choice

@coffeeswiller What percent of blind playtesters usually return feedback? Any recommendations for increasing the return rate?  #boardgamersask
@trzewik @coffeeswiller #boardgamersask I don't do blind testing

@BoardGamersAsk For some reason Twitter hates me right now, I'm hosting #boardgamersask half blind.. I'm sure it will be fine for the rest of you!
@WispHollow @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk  ummmmm open your other eye and you won't be half blind

@ginobrancazio @trzewik What inspires the stories you tell in your games? #boardgamersask
@trzewik @ginobrancazio #boardgamersask Stronghold (LotR). Robinson (Robinson). 51stState (MadMax).  Basically - great movies/novels
@ginobrancazio @trzewik Thanks for your answer, that's good to know :) #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk I'd like to know @trzewik, what made you publish a book and also why on Kickstarter?  Looking forward to it BTW #boardgamersask
@trzewik @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask I really wanted my blog posts put on my shelf. So I asked myself: "Hey, perhaps there is few more like me"

@rhiochs Checking in with #boardgamersask while I play #Opera. Hi, #boardgamersask and @trzewik. Good job to you both!

@WispHollow @trzewik @MofBG #BoardGamersAsk what's you philosophy of a good game?
@trzewik @WispHollow @MofBG #boardgamersask Engagement during play. Choices, deep story.

@the_FlyingSheep #BoardGamersAsk After the success of using KS for your book, are you considering using KS for publishing a game?
@trzewik @the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask yes and no. Can't explain in 140. I will make a post next week about it. I note this down. Fair?

I can't see this post, but my guess is that it will appear here at some point:

Part 3 will be posted at the same time tomorrow :0) See you then!

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