Thursday, 30 January 2014

BoardGamersAsk Ed Marriott

This Friday 31st Jan, 2pm (EST) 7pm (GMT) our live guest on #Boardgamehour is a new desginer called Ed Marriott. His first game ever Scoville is being published by Tasty Minstrel Games via Kickstarter right now (If it funds).

So this is your chance to ask questions of a designer who has been picked up by a pretty big publisher for his first game!

What's his secret? How long did it take him? Does he grow chillies himself? (that last one will become relevant when you see what his game is about)

The Game
In Scoville you've been hired by the town of Scoville to meet their need for heat. To do so you’ll have to plant, cross-breed, and harvest the hottest peppers.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ares Kickstarter is almost over

February 2nd is the last day you can back this Sci-Fi Magazine which has a game in each issue

Ares Magazine, a full-size magazine that will include 80 pages of fiction and other content that wraps around a pull-out and ready-to-play board game.

“It has been an exciting and stressful month,” says Michael Anderson of One Small Step Games, who is behind the unique magazine project. “We are encouraged by the response we have gotten so far and look forward to getting started with production.”

The magazine has received a large number of story submissions, more than enough to fill several issues. On Facebook and its Kickstarter comment page, OSS Games released examples of the stories it is considering, ranging from horror and fantasy to hard science fiction. They also provided a list of future game ideas, with settings on past and future Earth as well as worlds beyond the solar system.

More information is available on Ares’ Kickstarter project page and the Ares Magazine website. A Kickstarter trailer is available on YouTube.

Ignacy Trzewiczek Interview Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Live crowd-sourced interview with the mighty Ignacy!

@the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask Was playtesting a co-op game different from testing a competitive game in any unexpected ways?
@trzewik @the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask it was unexpected easier. I could do 4, 5 test games per day just playing alone and pretending 4 players
@the_FlyingSheep @trzewik #BoardGamersAsk Hmm... that seems to support the "co-ops are solitaire by committee" argument.

@bguffe #boardgamersask @trzewik What polish game(s) deserves a wider, international distribution?
@trzewik @bguffe #boardgamersask #Metallum is pretty good. #K2 is very good.

@jen_freeman #boardgamersask @trzewik what is your favourite novel based game not from yourself?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ignacy Trzewiczek Interview Part 1

We were vary excited to have Ignacy of Portal Games (@trzewik on twitter) as a guest for #boardgamersask live. Not only is he a brilliant game designer but he writes about his process and is funny and interesting! 

So here is part one for you...

@BoardGamersAsk As soon as Ignacy aka @trzewik gives the go ahead we will start #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep Just back from my haircut in time for  #boardgamersask. What time is it where @trzewik is anyways? #DoesHeSleep
@trzewik @BoardGamersAsk @the_FlyingSheep it is 8PM here  #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk The webpage that we use to make this easier is not updating.. its ok for posting but you can't see the other tweets.. boooo #boardgamersask
@trzewik Hi everybody! Tweetchat seems to be dead. #MolochWatchesUs Let's have fun anyway! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @trzewik Good man.. Copy and paste #boardgamersask is the only answer.. Sorry

@RMBLees @trzewik #boardgamersask firstly thanks for joining in. What was your non-Portal game of 2013?
@trzewik @RMBLees so far #LewisandClark I am eager to play #Caverna #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Thanks to @trzewik for taking part in todays #boardgamersask I'm sure we he will be rewarded with some great questions from you all

@BoardGamersAsk Right everyone give @trzewik a break tonight he has no assistance from the web.. Get you questions in! #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk My first question is: Ignacy, why use board games to tell your stories not some other format? #boardgamersask

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview FINAL part

And this is the last part of our really interesting Rob Daviau interview! Enjoy...
@jhrrsn @robdaviaugamer favourite D&D class? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @jhrrsn Ranger. Maybe wizard. Bard. I tend to talk a lot so being a bard justifies it. #boardgamersask

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer What's the biggest mistake you see new designers making over and over again? #boardgamersask

Friday, 24 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 4

Here is part four of the Crowd sourced #boardgamersask Rob Daviau interview:
@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk what was your game of 2013?
@robdaviaugamer @RMBLees  @BoardGamersAsk I just discovered (and loved) Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. Not released in 2013 I know. #boardgamersask

@BoardGameHour #boardgamersask @robdaviaugamer How often do you get to play board games? How big is your collection? Ok so I sneaked in two questions
@robdaviaugamer @BoardGameHour Other than my own? Rarely. Just found a game group. My collection isn't big. Few hundred. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames What game are you most proud of? Betrayal? Legacy? Lord of the Rings Monopoly? #boardgamersask

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Topic Vote #3PlayerGames vs #BangForYourBuckGames

So what will you be voting on for this weeks #boardgamehour? Your choices are:

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to), what games play best with 3? Is there an issue with 2vs1 in a 3 player game, how do you over come it? What games say they play with 3 but should not be played with that number? Is 3 really the magic number?

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to), What game is most value for money? Is it the bits in a box that equate to value? Are big box games or micro games better value in the long run? Can I keep this going without getting some income out of it?
all you have to do is go onto twitter and type a message to me using the hashtag you want to win.
Something like:
"Hay @boardgamehour I vote for #TopicYouPick""@boardgamehour I will be voting for #TopicYouPick this week because I'm cool! #boardgamehour""I love #boardgamehour and I vote #TopicYouPick"
if you want  #Gamingandwoman use that hastag
if you want  #DexterityGames use that hastag

So in brief, they are your options! Voting closes at some point before Monday, when I get the chance to count them, so get you votes in now.

Rob Daviau interview part 3

Here is part three of the #boardgamersask crowd sourced interview with game designer Rob Daviau:

@ginobrancazio @robdaviaugamer Is there anything you would like to ask us? #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio What do you expect to see in SeaFall? #boardgamersask
@Sarcastic_Robot @Sarcastic_Robot: @robdaviaugamer @ginobrancazio the chance to create an undiscovered coast line with undiscovered islands. #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @Sarcastic_Robot @Sarcastic_Robot  @ginobrancazio That part you'll definitely get. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @robdaviaugamer #BoardGamersAsk how about expandable legacy games with print on demand or basic expansion sets?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 2

Here is part two of the #boardgamersask crowd sourced interview with THE Rob Daviau:

@PhilGrossVoice @robdaviaugamer If you could create a 'dream' board/digital hybrid game, how would it work? DVD doesn't count :-P #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @PhilGrossVoice Too short a space to get into it but I have my feelers out in different places. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Just a quick reminder, make sure you use the hashtag #boardgamersask so Rob can see your question.. see the answers in the same way ;0)

@reldnahcire @robdaviaugamer @RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk OMG Legacy Doctor Who Time Travel game...(travel in time, ignore one sticker...) #boardgamersask
@robdaviaugamer @reldnahcire @RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk Yeah. Exactly. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk @robdaviaugamer Is it harder/easier for testing outside of a big brother company on shoulder? #BoardGamersAsk

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rob Daviau interview part 1

Rob Daviau is a game designer with a massive list of credits to his name and we were lucky enough to have him as our first guest for #boardgamersask in 2014. 
Here is part one of our crowd sourced interview:

@BoardGamersAsk We will start #boardgamersask as soon as @robdaviaugamer gives the *nod*.. I'm not going to lie, I'm very excited about this today
@robdaviaugamer I'm ready to go. #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine @robdaviaugamer Did you expect the success of Risk Legacy? What do you think draws gamers to it? #boardgamersask

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview final part

To give the amusing final part of the interview some context, Ryan was super fast at answering question (It was like he had been practising at home on his own!) ENJOY:

@BoardGamersAsk 5 minutes left! Any last questions for the answering machine that is Ryan? #boardgamersask
@slaqr "I'm such a machine that I'm just going to keep typing answers.  You come up with the questions!
@slaqr Answer: Neil Diamond #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk I think its fair to say that you won Ryan.. You were answering questions before we even asked them some of the time! #boardgamersask
@slaqr Answer: 42 #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk sure, @slaqr is it okay if I say thank you again? You were awesome and maybe even better the second half! #boardgamersask
@slaqr Answer: Doc Martins #boardgamersask
@slaqr @reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk Thanks a lot!  I hope it was informative!  #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr What LP have you not seen made into a boardgame that you would to see made into game? #BoardGamersAsk
@slaqr @watcher_969 @BoardGameHour Great Question.  I'd go for more Dystopians (Euphoria may be a good start). No specific tho. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk last one from me.. how many hours a week do you play games? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk I'd say a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 10? #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery @slaqr  If you could pick a gaming group of three people to play with from anywhere in space and time, who would they be? #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @RandomNerdery saved the best for last! #boardgamersask
@RandomNerdery @BoardGamersAsk Sneaking an extra one in in the closing seconds! :) #boardgamersask
@slaqr @RandomNerdery Any three?  Nikola Tesla, my Grandfather, and... #boardgamersask
@slaqr @RandomNerdery ...lets go with Darwin! #boardgamersask

@NigelPyne @slaqr #boardgamersask - What is the greatest story game ever made?
@slaqr @NigelPyne Probably Tales of the Arabian Nights #boardgamersask
@NigelPyne @slaqr #boardgamersask - I agree but I was attempting a question to your answer of 42. LOL

@BoardGamersAsk I think we will say they are the last questions now.. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames What should I have for lunch? #boardgamersask #almostoff
@slaqr @64ozGames Mexican #boardgamersask

@Punch_Cardboard @slaqr Thanks for participating.  It was a great intro to #boardgamersask for me!

@BoardGamersAsk A big thank you to the star of #boardgamersask today Ryan Metzler.. check out his reviews at the

@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr What game mechanic do you love to play and talk about after game? #BoardGamersAsk
@slaqr @watcher_969 @BoardGameHour Anything with "Screw your Neighbor" #boardgamersask
@watcher_969 @BoardGameHour @slaqr #BoardGamersAsk Thanks for answering questions. Enjoyed the Hour even though my questions came at end.

@slaqr Thanks everyone!  I had a blast!   #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk "January's guests are:
10th Rob Daviau
17th Ignacy Trzewiczek
 24th Antoine Bauza
31st Ed Marriott #boardgamersask"

@BoardGamersAsk Thanks again Ryan, glad you liked it :0) #boardgamersask

Friday, 17 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 4

Here is part 4.. The interview just gets better and better!

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask My favorite question, who should you most like to see doing what you are doing right now? (Unannounced guests only please)
@slaqr @reldnahcire I'd love to see Stefan Feld on this show!  I'd have SOOO many questions #feldfanboi #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire @slaqr @reldnahcire I'll get onto it, but no promises! Stefan Feld is a legend, but so are many of the guests #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire  @reldnahcireI Legend may be putting it lightly. #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire #boardgamersask also if it works out, @C_M_Young should totally do a session with us!! @BoardGamersAsk
@BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire I'd love to have @C_M_Young on #boardgamersask he's really interesting, but I need Gravwell!

@gamesophist @slaqr Do you have the itch to design any games of your own? #boardgamersask

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 3

Here is part 3 of the Ryan Metzer crowd sourced interview.. He was only just getting going!

@InsertStrawHere @slaqr If you could mash any other activity with boardgames (other than the obvious life-sustaining ones), what would it be? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @InsertStrawHere Mashing activities together...Board Games and Traveling!  I love to travel, just don't have the chance #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @slaqr You should check out might be your dream come true #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk @64ozGames lets not pick on @slaqr he's got such a great smile! #boardgamersask
@slaqr @BoardGamersAsk @64ozGames This is, honestly, the first time this has ever been uttered. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask almost at the halfway point so I'd like to say Thanks to @slaqr for joining us today!
@slaqr @reldnahcire My pleasure! I'm good at talking about myself! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @reldnahcire you always beat me to thanking the guest.. Your officially second in command at the Ministry of Board Games! #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @BoardGamersAsk if we don't say thank you often and loudly, why would guest tell their friends to hang out with us :) #boardgamersask

@LiterallyTony @slaqr Do you still play MTG? #boardgamersask

#boardgamersask Ignacy Trzewiczek of Portal Games

Fridays guest for #boardgamersask is the "understated" board game designer and publisher Ignacy Trzewiczek of Portal Games. Ignacy has recently published a book based on his blog

In his own words:
"I strongly believe that good board game is the one that tells a good story. You play it and suddenly you are sucked into it, you feel chills on the skin. Emotions grow. In a moment you defend castle. You hear roar of warriors. You smell boiling oil. You are into it.
That's how I design my games. I always want to tell a good story. I want players to be into it. As deep as possible." - Ignacy Trzewiczek
His list of game designers is impressive as you can see below:

Topic vote #Gamingandwoman or #DexterityGames

So, as many of you know, I like to keep the themes for #boardgamehour pretty loose. I don't like the idea of dictating what we should all talk about, just want to give us a focus. I think this has worked well, but one thing that often happens when I put up the voting choices is people asking what I mean by them. They want to make an informed decision (unlike the voting public in politic elections) but I don't want to dictate.

So here is the answer (I think).. I'm going to outline the topics loosely so that you can see what I am thinking on each one:

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to), is board gaming a friendly environment for females? What could be done to improve our culture to make it more gender balanced? Are some games liked more by men or women? Who are the female game designers / publishers we should be looking out for? Have I managed to write this without saying anything that will make me look sexist? lots of the people who take a driving seat during #boardgamehour are woman and I'd love to know what percent? Is this reflected in gaming groups across the world?

If you pick this we will focus us on areas such as (but not limited to) games that involved flicking, stacking, removing bits. Are there any dexterity games that have strategy too? Do you like dexterity games, why? Could dexterity be used in heavier games? What dexterity elements have I forgotten about...

all you have to do is go onto twitter and type a message to me using the hashtag you want to win.
Something like:
"Hay @boardgamehour I vote for #TopicYouPick""@boardgamehour I will be voting for #TopicYouPick this week because I'm cool! #boardgamehour""I love #boardgamehour and I vote #TopicYouPick"
if you want  #Gamingandwoman use that hastag
if you want  #DexterityGames use that hastag

So in brief, they are your options! Voting closes at some point before Monday, when I get the chance to count them, so get you votes in now.

See you soon :0D

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 2

Here is part two of Ryan's interview:

@InsertStrawHere @slaqr What is your guilty pleasure boardgame? You know. The one you won't admit to but will now just because I asked? #boardgamersask
@slaqr @InsertStrawHere Oh boy...admit to a fault? Not my style...but I will say that I don't mind a game of Fluxx now and again! #boardgamersask

@Could not find @TableForged's question, so i'm going to guess it was something like "should games have minatures"
@slaqr @TableForged Yes...make sure they are unique in appearance, detailed in design, and necessary for the game.  If not, pass... #boardgamersask

@WispHollow #BoardGamersAsk. What came first the chicken or the egg??
@slaqr @WispHollow Obviously the egg...Ovulating animals existed far before the evolution of the modern day chicken. #boardgamersask
@reldnahcire @slaqr @WispHollow #SCIENCE! #boardgamersask
@WispHollow @slaqr #BoardGamersAsk ha!! Trick question.  Everyone knows the easter bunny brings the eggs.  So the bunny came first.

@RandomNerdery @slaqr What's the one thing you should never do in a review? #boardgamersask

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ryan Metzler Interview part 1

Our last guest on #boardgamersask before the holidays was the Dice Tower's own Ryan Metzler. A video reviewer and all round nice guy (he told me to say that).. Ryan got though a lot of question! Here is part 1:
Ryan is of course @slaqr on twitter

@slaqr All ready for my @BoardGamersAsk appearance! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk "Lets get the ball rolling then!

@LouisvilleDad #boardgamersask Favorite game from this year's Essen?
@slaqr My favorite Essen game from 2013, thus far, would have to be Francis Drake.  A great Euro with a nice flow. Still, I haven't played MANY of the 2013 Essen games.  They are still coming in.  That opinion may well change. #boardgamersask

@LouisvilleDad #boardgamersask Game that you most want to play but haven't yet?
@slaqr For games that I would like to play, but haven't had a chance to yet, I'm really dying to get my hands on Russian Railroads! #boardgamersask
@BoardGamersAsk @slaqr I've played Russian Railroads, would you like my review (I jest) #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk I'd like to know how many games you own? #boardgamersask

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#Boardgamersask Rob Daviau

We are kicking off the new year with a selection of awesome game designers on #boardgamersask. Who better to start the year with than the one and only Rob Daviau!

Join us on 2pm (EST) 7pm (GMT) Friday 10th Jan 2014 to ask Rob questions. All you have to do is use the hashtag #boardgamersask on Twitter. Want to know more about Rob well ok...

Before we get to the massive list of games Rob has worked on here is his Bio from this website : 

Rob Daviau is an award-winning game designer whose games have been sold world-wide. Since 1998, he has designed and published over 60 games from children’s games to family games to party games to more in-depth games for the hobby market.

Rob has largely designed tabletop games but has also done work with hybrid physical-digital games and some work with digital games.

Rob is a writer as well as a designer, having spent much of his 20s as an advertising copywriter. He also wrote a chapter in Kobold Design’s Guide to Game Design, was a contributor to DRAGON magazine, and has written various articles on game design.

Rob has spoken at game conventions, has done dozens of radio interviews, has done live TV segments, and did live color commentary for ESPN during the 2009 Monopoly World Tournaments. He has guest lectured at MIT, Carnegie-Mellon University, and NYU on game design.
Here is a list of all the games Rob has worked on.. WOW...

SeaFall 2014
Bejeweled Boardgame 2013
Bejeweled Frenzy 2013
Risk Battlefield Rogue (initial design) 2013
Viking Funeral 2012
JiGaZo (software development) 2011
Cars 2 Operation 2011
Risk Legacy 2011
Risk Legacy: Bonus Cards 2011
Things: Humor in a Box (developer) 2011
Trouble Cars 2 Edition 2011
Trivial Pursuit Team Edition 2009
Clue: Discover the Secrets 2008
Clue: Harry Potter Edition 2008
Risk (Revised Edition) 2008
Risk: Balance of Power 2008
Risk: Black Ops 2008
Clue DVD Game 2006
Risk Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition 2006
Trivial Pursuit For Kids DVD Game 2006
Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s edition 2006
Wilde Horde 2006
Heroscape Expansion Set: Jandar's Oath 2005
Heroscape Expansion Set: Orm's Return 2005
Heroscape Expansion Set: Road to the Forgotten Forest 2005
Heroscape Expansion Set: Utgar's Rage 2005
Heroscape Expansion Set: Volcarren Wasteland 2005
Heroscape: Nerak's Return 2005
Heroscape: Viper's Vengeance 2005
Risk: Star Wars - The Clone Wars Edition 2005
Betrayal at House on the Hill (developer) 2004
Heroscape Expansion Set: Malliddon's Prophecy 2004
Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie 2004
Trivial Pursuit 90s edition 2004
Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition 2003
Spite and Malice 2003
Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture Boardgame 2003
Trivial Pursuit Lord of the Rings Movie Edition 2003
Trivial Pursuit SNL DVD Edition 2003
Trivial Pursuit Volume 6 2003
Battleship Card Game 2002
Star Wars: Epic Duels (co-designer) 2002
The Game of Life: A Jedi's Path 2002
The Game of Life: Card Game 2002
Trivial Pursuit 20th anniversary 2002
Axis & Allies: Pacific (co-designer) 2001
In Pursuit (co-designer) 2001
Risk 2210 A.D. (co-designer) 2001
Stratego: Legends - Celestial Vengeance (co-designer) 2001
Stratego: Legends - Qa'ans Resurgence (co-designer)  2001
Trivial Pursuit Junior Fifth Edition 2001
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game (co-designer) 2000
Monopoly: Looney Tunes 2000
Moods (developer) 2000
Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit (co-designer)  2000
Trivial Pursuit Genus 5 2000
Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Episode I 1999

Come along and join in the Q&A, its going to be a stormer :0)