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Rumrunners Interview

On Friday 6th of December the board game communitty got to put there questions to a group of software developers who were working on a digital board game... Here is what happened:

@RumrunnersGame Hey folks, we're ready to answer questions! #boardgamersask

@rhiochs Is Rumrunners timed? And, if so, why that instead of a multi-player turn-based game? Deception and intrigue on the go. #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @rhiochs Rumrunners is timed. We've found that rounds can drag on depending on how strident people are. In rumrunners, the clock applies to everyone as turns are simultaneous -- discussion is the most important part. #boardgamersask"

@LiterallyTony Love how you conceptualized the app w/ betrayal games! Do you think this will ever eliminate physical boardgames altogether? #BoardGamersAsk
@RumrunnersGame @LiterallyTony We're not trying to eliminate  boardgames, we're just trying to make them easier! We hope that boardgames never go away but technology can make them better! #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk why crowdfund the project?
@RumrunnersGame @RMBLees We're convinced that Rumrunners is a good idea, but we want to see that other people are excited about it too! #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #Boardgamersask What inspired you all to make a digital only board game?
@RumrunnersGame @reldahcire Working with software is our background, and we were inspired by a genre of games that don't rely on pieces. #boardgamersask

@johnbintz @BoardGamersAsk Do you imagine the game being played more with people in the same physical location, or distributed about? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @johnbintz Everyone should be in the same location! If you're not playing in the same location you'd probably need Skype. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk what makes a good rulebook?
@RumrunnersGame @RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk Simplicity! If you can't understand the basic mechanics in a single read, something's wrong. #boardgamersask

@64ozGames #boardgamersask What is your company doing about accessibility? Being digital provides many great options for inclusion of #blind players
@RumrunnersGame @64ozGames Updating Accessibility is a large advantage of the digital format, but that's something we'll figure out later. #boardgamersask

@ByAmyReid Just wondering why 6 to 11 players? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @ByAmyReid This is just the number of players we've found works well! 5 is too few, and more than 10 is chaotic. #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask How difficult to balance tech and personal interaction at table so game keeps everybody engaged at table.
@RumrunnersGame @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk This is a small challenge, but since the game is focused on conversation it tends to work out. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk If the betrayal game takes of in a digital board game form, what other types of games would you like to see in the format? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @BoardGamersAsk Digital devices do really well with hidden info! We'd like to try a realtime digital cooperative game  #boardgamersask

@64ozGames #boardgamersask what about obsoletion? If I get a cardboard version of a game it's forever.. but video games, even great ones, die.
@RumrunnersGame @64ozGames Not all video games die... people still play Rogue and Tetris... It's easier to update a digital version. #boardgamersask

@rhiochs Why not make a companion app a la Arkham Horror? Allow for the board but manage the fidgety bits? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @rhiochs Rumrunners was designed to avoid fiddly bits that need to be shared.  #boardgamersask

@watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Are there other game mechanics that were tried and discarded from use on phone? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @watcher_969 @BoardGamersAsk Yes. Screen space on a phone is really tight. Some things just don't fit. #boardgamersask

@TonganJedi @RumrunnersGame How does this project differ from a tablet app and is it accessible to everyone? No platform dependencies? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @TonganJedi This should work on tablets too! We want to make sure we don't exclude anyone with our tech choices. #boardgamersask

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask will your app have different color modes for the color vision impaired? 508 compliance for the PC application?
@RumrunnersGame @reldnahcire That's something we can easily include! Great suggestion! #boardgamersask

@eightlittlebits Given The Resistance is on amazon for $15, with physical components, why would anyone pay $18 for something with none? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @eightlittlebits You're not buying The Resistance because you like cardboard guns... w/o pieces you can play anywhere. We're selling a game, and we feel not having pieces is an advantage! Keep in mind, only one person has to buy the game to support an entire group who play! #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk Guys, @WispHollow asked "#BoardGamersAsk What would you say was the single hardest hurdle to over come with a digital board game?"
@RumrunnersGame @BoardGamersAsk @WispHollow Convincing people it is a board game :) #boardgamersask

@CGPgames @RumrunnersGame Did you guys try to get a prototype game reviewed by someone to get more publicity? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @CGPgames This is something we thought about but didn't fit into our timeframe. (We'd change this next time.) #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep With that number of players, how hard is it to arrange for playtesters? #BoardGamersAsk
@RumrunnersGame @the_FlyingSheep Somewhat difficult... Luckily we've got a large group of boardgaming friends who want to help out! #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery How long is the game? I know my phone battery is fairly poor, and I don't have 11 power outlets to spare! #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @RandomNerdery The game length depends on your timer settings but should last between 20mins and an hour. #boardgamersask

@CGPgames @RumrunnersGame I couldn't get an idea how the game plays by looking at yr campaign page - r u doing more in that direction? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @CGPgames Yes, glad you asked. We're working a video that demonstrates the mechanics! #boardgamersask

@LiterallyTony @RumrunnersGame glad to hear that! Do you have any more projects on the table after RumRunners? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @LiterallyTony We'd like to see how Rumrunners does and then maybe expand the universe. Lips sealed for now though... :) #boardgamersask

@CapBoardgames @BoardGamersAsk #boardgamersask What is the most important aspect of playtesting? How many playtesters is a good sample? Worst PT outcome?
@RumrunnersGame @CapBoardgames @BoardGamersAsk Worst PT outcome: not playing. Any bit of feedback is better than none. It's ok to have a game session in which many players were unhappy but you learned something. We wanted to get as many playtesters as possible. #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine Palomino Labs is a software company. What inspired you to design a digital board game?#BoardGamersAsk
@RumrunnersGame @AresMagazine We play boardgames in our spare time, and we kept wanting to fix/improve things with software! #boardgamersask

@RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk #BoardGamersAsk is @RumrunnersGame a boardgame, or a computer game? You may ONLY pick one.
@RumrunnersGame @RMBLees @BoardGamersAsk That's easy. It's a boardgame. That's the experience we want to create! #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine "Do you have game designers on staff?
@RumrunnersGame @AresMagazine Not as our day job, only as a hobby prior to this! #boardgamersask

@AresMagazine Was the design hatched in-house, or was it submitted by someone outside of your organization? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @AresMagazine The design was hatched in house (inspired by other games we played) and evolved over time. #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery @RumrunnersGame Have you playtested a lot outside your group? What was their favourite bit of the game? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @RandomNerdery We did! Most of our playtesters really like the supply mechanic. #boardgamersask

@CGPgames @RumrunnersGame Given your concept is digital, how would u go about it next time? #curious  #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @CGPgames We've got a great community now, but originally we were only getting feedback from friends. Would reach out sooner #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk If your current campaign does not fund, will you bring it back and if so how soon? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @BoardGamersAsk We love the idea and we'd like to make sure it sees the light of day. Not sure how long that would take. #boardgamersask

@the_FlyingSheep What's your favorite board game currently? (Designed by someone else) #BoardGamersAsk
@RumrunnersGame @the_FlyingSheep Ace says: Roborally It's good for a big group, it has great theme, and it's almost programming! Steamboat says: This is always Go, but Dominion has been a favorite game for a while. Intrigue + Prosperity #boardgamersask

@RandomNerdery The big challenge (and fun) for me in The Resistance is keeping track of votes mentally. Is it cheating to computerise? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @RandomNerdery Townspeople should be sharing vote history. We prefer arguing about motivation to arguing about history. #boardgamersask

@BoardGamersAsk I'm going to have to call time on the questions now folks.. Still time to answer the ones that have been asked though #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame "@BoardGamersAsk Thanks for all the questions, we're still working through those we missed! Support us on #Kickstarter! You can find our campaign at #Kickstarter #boardgamersask

@CGPgames @RumrunnersGame @the_FlyingSheep Interesting - all classics! How did u hone in on the betrayal theme? #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @CGPgames  @the_FlyingSheep We love arguing with each other, have a reason and vague suspicions just makes it better! #boardgamersask

@RumrunnersGame We think that's everything. If we missed any questions let us know. We'll get back to them (if not in realtime). #boardgamersask

Thanks to both Rumrunners and to the great people who asked them questions. As you might have seen on this site, Rumrunners did not fund, but they are currently planning a comeback!

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