Saturday, 7 December 2013

News - new game from Terra Nova Games

Terra Nova Games have announced their new game "Ophir"and here's what they had to say:

"Terra Nova Games is excited to announce their next game release, “Ophir” (oh-feer), designed by Jason
D. Kingsley and Charles Wright. Ophir was discovered while it was on demo at the Publisher/Designer
speed dating event at BGGCon 2013 and is the debut design from Jason and Charles. ! !

In Ophir, players are mariner merchants navigating the tides against their rival seafarers to bring back
precious goods and famed gold for the construction of Solomon's Temple. Your rivals will attempt to block
your passage and shift the Market in their favor, but, if you can contribute the most silver and gold to the
Temple before it is complete, you win! ! !

For 2-4 players, Ophir is a 60 minute, pick-up and deliver game that uses a unique market mechanism to
drive the economy of the prosperous region of Ophir. Each player has an exclusive role such as the
“Ambassador” or “Chancellor” they can utilize to vie for resources to deliver to the Market, money to
purchase metals and ship upgrades, and influence to perform special actions as they maneuver across
the seas rolling dice against opposing merchants to enter contested waters. ! !

With it’s approachable map and exclusion of direct conflict, Ophir is familiar and accessible for families to
enjoy. But with it’s modular locations, exclusive player roles, and mercurial market, Ophir has tactics,
replayability, and tension for experienced gamers to savor. ! !
“Ophir lured me in with its deceptive simplicity, then hooked me with its tough decisions. It packs so much
strategy into seven little hexes!” - Michael Huven-Moore, brainstormGO, co-designer of Bountytown"
Ophir is slated for a Summer 2014 Kickstarter campaign"

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