Thursday, 5 December 2013

News - Ares Magazine set to launch

Are you interested in a science fiction magazine that comes with a board game in each issue?

One Small Step Games has announced a crowd-sourced funding campaign for Ares Magazine that will launch on 01 January 2014.

Ares is the latest project by Michael Anderson and his company, One Small Step Games.

“The big idea is to fill a void,” says Anderson, “a new magazine that combines a standalone, unique, playable board game in every issue with a collection of spectacular, new fiction.”

The full-size magazine will publish bi-monthly and each issue will include 80 pages of fiction and other content which will wrap around a pull-out, fully stocked and ready-to-play board game.

Ares issued a call for short stories and secured enough material for the first six issues so far. The development of the first game—War of the Worlds by independent game designer Bill Banks (Ancients, Imperator)—is almost complete.

Leading up to the campaign, Anderson assembled a team of professionals and personally funded the magazine’s development. The success of the Kickstarter campaign will put the magazine’s production into gear with a target delivery date of 01 May 2014 for the first issue.

More information is available on the Ares Magazine website

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