Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Highlight reel from #Boardgamehour - Games for the Holidays

We are approaching Christmas at break neck speed (I'm so excited) so this weeks topic for #boardgamehour was "Board Games for the holidays".

Once again you fine people trended across the Internet and there were even more people taking part than last week. Here is a very small look at some for the best bits:

Holiday re-skin for a board game
The @TheOneTar asked "What very un-holiday game do you wish there was a holiday reskin of? #BoardGameHour" and a monster idea was created

@KRobVW "King of Tokyo. I also feel Fury of Dracula could get an amazing holiday skin. #boardgamehour"

@reldnahcire "Track down Santa? #boardgamehour"

@BoardGameHour "where you have to chase Santa! rock and roll... #BoardGameHour"

@NigelPyne "Fury of Santa? #BoardGameHour"

@BoardGameHour "A team of naughty children try to hunt down Santa who's aim is to leave presents around Europe #boardgamehour"

@KRobVW "This might be better than my original idea. Futurama Santa/Fury of Dracula mashup?! #boardgamehour"

Others ideas included:
@Lackey "Forbidden Desert - Santa and his elves must rebuild The Sleigh before the pieces are buried in a snowstorm #BoardGameHour"

@reldnahcire "Settler of the North Pole? #boardgamehour"

@WardenF16 "Better idea for Christmas game: 1) Santa pick-up & deliver or 2) Coop to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas? #BoardGameHour"

@IndieCardboard "@CoupleVs Oh man, imagine a Belfort holiday expansions with gnomes in little santa hats and a toy-making guild! #boardgamehour"

We were reminded about BGG Secret Santa:
@WGTabletop  "Who's looking forward to their BGG Secret Santa deliveries and or targets to be delivered to? I can't wait! #BoardGameHour"

@rhiochs "My favorite thing about gaming during the holidays is #BGGSecretSanta. Do you participate? You should! #GamesForTheHolidays #boardgamehour"

Want to add a little Xmas to your games:
@GezEvans "I think BoardGameExtras sell Santa and elf meeples :) #boardgamehour"
@reldnahcire "#boardgamehour best holiday tweak to a game? I'm partial to the santa die in Zombie Dice..."

And finally the Ministry of Board Games Christmas wish:
@BoardGamersAsk "The way I see it we need to bring the non gamers in.. More gamers = bigger print runs = cheaper games.. oh and its nice #boardgamehour"

@MartyM1981 "@BoardGamersAsk that's a beautiful thought! I wish for it to come true! #boardgamehour"

Have a great gaming Christmas everyone!

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