Thursday, 19 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 3 of 3

Embedded image permalink This is final part of a great interview. Not only did the board game community ask some great questions our guest provided some really interesting answers. Enjoy:

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Before I forget, thanks for all your answers! Who would you want to see on this event next?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I'd love to pick Antoine Bauza's brain about making elegant, accessible systems.

@RMBLees #boardgamersask you’ve a few games on kickstarter now, do you think it’s a fad, or does it have a long future in BG industry?
@DanielSolis Crowdfunding as an model is here to stay. The platform/site for that funding may change over time, though. #boardgamersask

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask  Continuing my thought process, theming is important have you an area that interests you at the moment?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Anything competitive but non-violent is interesting to me, especially if it involves hidden information.

@NotTimothy #boardgamersask thanks for the replies. Do you include finance as conquest/war? Or belief like a nonviolent black & white?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask All games are an abstraction so I can't draw the line on done theme or another. It's just a gut thing for me.

@CGPgames What do u consider elegant in a game? Do u ever start with math model or prefer game to evolve organically? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask See Extra Credits on depth: That's what I consider elegant.

@RMBLees #boardgamersask do you view game design as an art form?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Being an art major myself, I think it can be, but I get really sick of the whole "Is it art?" debate. I spent four years surrounded by people asking that. I just want to do the work. :P

@FlashForwardCo amazed at how many game ideas you put on your blog & work you do for other designers/companies how do u do it all? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Don't judge my work on my ideas. Ideas are plentiful and cheap. Judge my work on finished product. By measure of finished product, I feel like a slacker. I need to step up the pace next year.

@AresMagazine Daniel, what inspired you to create the Thousand Year Game Design Challenge? Will you do it again? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I was interested in seeing what games survived the test of time and wanted longevity to be a goal in itself. Ancient games are also relatively ecologically sustainable. I wanted to encourage that, too. But without financial backing and more judging support, I can't afford to do it again. #boardgamersask

@idlemichael Exactly how many titles are you working on at the moment? From prototypes to near finished stuff? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Top of my head? Regime, Moon Village, Catapult, Espionage, Kigi, Tornado Rodeo, Monsoon Market, Mansa Musa, Train Town, and now this Mononoke-themed dice-placement auction civ game.

@BoardGamersAsk A big thank you to @DanielSolis for taking the time to answer our questions. What an interesting guy! #boardgamersask

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