Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 2 of 3

Embedded image permalink Here is part two of our Daniel Solis interview. Enjoy :0)

@64ozGames How much playtesting do you manage on so many titles? Do you have a harem of playtesters? #BoardGamersAsk
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask This year, I've been blessed with a regular and generous game community at my local game store. Any given Monday, there is a diverse and eager crowd of gamers at @Atomic_Empire. Great for game testing!

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask how important is illustrations and theme compared to game play? I loved the way Belle of the Ball looked!
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask In the final production? Very important. I've turned down games because they just looked unfinished. But in development? I try to keep my protos very barebones. Keeps focus on the mechanics.

‏@mdriddlen 13  why sooooo many ideas? is it inspiration?  iteration? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I see games everywhere, suddenly. When one comes, my wife says I look like I'm having a stroke.

@NotTimothy  were you a game mechanic, what would be your key attributes?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Well, I would *like* to be elegant, deep, and accessible. But I'm cluttered, baroque, and random. :P

@CardboardEdison Is there any game designer "common wisdom" that you disagree with? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Susan McKinley Ross said most advice says to not show your games to family or friends which makes sense. You wang honest feedback. But for inexperienced designers, that can discourage them. So I've come around to her way of thinking and encourage young, new designers to test with family, too.

@NotTimothy what, in your opinion and/or experience, is the most difficult game genre to create within? Why so?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Violence is immediate, visceral, and easily understood. Too easily, I feel. So I've pulled away from that. This unfortunately makes my themes sometimes esoteric or less compelling to a lot of gamers. But in the end, I feel better if I've added a game to the world that *doesn't* assume violent conflict.

@RMBLees #boardgamersask choose between your children, which of your games are you most proud of having created?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is close to my heart. I look forward to seeing how the Fate version is received.

@CGPgames So do you think it can affect the attitude of people who play them? If so, what games should be made/played? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I don't know if games change players, but if they do, I want to make game themes less violent, more diverse.

@KRobVW #BoardGamersAsk Which of your published designs are you least happy with/need the most work still, in retrospect?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask In hindsight, I'd give Do more flexibility on the whole "writing" thing, but Fate of the Flying Temple will do that.

@RogueLieutenant What's your favorite cooperative game? Do you prefer your games to have more randomness or less randomness?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Co-op: I like Hanabi a lot. I always wondered if a "graded" victory condition would work. It does! In that sense, I like responding to randomness rather than planning for randomness.

Come back tomorrow for the final part of the Interview :0)

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