Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 1 of 3

Embedded image permalinkOur guest for #boardgamersask on Friday 13th Dec was Award winning game designer Daniel Solis... Here is part one of his crowd sourced interview:

@BoardGamersAsk I'd imagine @danielsolis is around, so you can start asking questions as soon as he *waves*, its going to be good #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis Today's #boardgamersask coming to you live from the coffee shop by my local game store! Ask this man anything. http://t.co/VxXoGN80uE

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Is there a short version of how you got started with the board game hobby from a play and design standpoint?
@DanielSolis Played chess with my stepdad a lot. Couldn't win, so I changed the rules. That's how it began. #boardgamersask

@RMBLees #boardgamersask so prolific with new ideas for small games, what drives you? What for you is the hardest part of game design?
@DanielSolis Lack of focus. I don't have the attention span for a long game, let alone designing one. I like the feeling of completing a project too much to tackle a long game. I'd rather design ten good small games. #boardgamersask

@WispHollow   #BoardGamersAsk. My first question is in response to the picture you just posted. .. Do you own a comb??
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask They keep breaking.

@RMBLees #boardgamersask if you could collaborate on a game with any other designer, who would you choose?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Teaming up with Antoine Bauza and Eric Lang would be awesome, but I'd have nothing to offer that team. :P

@CGPgames What interesting trends do you see in today's board game industry? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis Small social games were the big hit this year, I suspect driven by growing hobby and sluggish economy. #boardgamersask

@KRobVW #BoardGamersAsk In initial design process, where do you find yourself doing most work, analog or digital?
@DanielSolis I try to make myself go analog first as much as I can. It slows down my thoughts. Case in point: planning the deck distribution for Regime by hand. #boardgamersask http://t.co/wBhJR7rvkN

‏@playersideblog Are there any games you never expected to like, but were surprised by? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis I try to keep an open mind about any game, but I know my tastes. I lean towards elegant, short games. That said, I had more fun with Twilight Imperium than I expected, despite scoring 0 points for 12 hours. #boardgamersask

@WispHollow  #BoardGamersAsk Daniel, if you could take any game concept and travel to the past and unleash it on mankind.  What would it be?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I'd be curious to see how the current crop of Werewolf-style games would evolve after a thousand years. I think those social games would be the easiest to translate in the ancient world. Few components, large groups.

@CGPgames Do you think games have a social impact? Is there a particular game you wish more people played? #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Social Impact: I think games reflect the designer's attitudes and assumptions more than we like to think. Some designers like to do the big life-changing games. I'm happy just make an elegant, fun system.

@the_FlyingSheep #boardgamersask Do you have a similar preference in playing games? Four 1-hr games or one 4-hr game?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Absolutely. If my time at a gathering is limited, I'd rather play several 30min games. Short games are also easier to develop. Faster iteration and lower buy-in for testers.

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask What's the best game you played in 2013? One you look forward to most from 2014 (not including your own)
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask Hanabi is way up there, for sure. I'm still really into the Scoundrels of Skullport, too. I'd really like to get Machi Koro on the table next year. I want to play more Quantum, too. Oh! Gravwell, too!

Come back tomorrow for part 2 :0)

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