Monday, 2 December 2013

Answer for #boardgamersask Scott Nicholson

I am very excited to be able to post Scott Nicholson's answers to our #boardgamersask questions!

Here are the questions that you asked:

Maverick Muse ‏(@NigelPyne) asked "Hi @snicholson What inspired you to design your first game?"

LudiCreations (@LudiCreations) asked "Hi Scott, I'm sure you hear this daily but #BoardGamersAsk what would it take to get you to restart Board Games with Scott?"

CGPgames ‏(@CGPgames) asked "Scott, we share your interest in transformative games. What do you think is the best way to encourage people to try them? Most people see "serious/educational/beneficial"="unfun" when it comes to games. What do you think is best way around that?"

Nicole Jekich (@NJekich) asked "Hello @snicholson I was wondering how you find artists and pick a style for your board games? #boardgamersask"

Victoria (‏@RandomNerdery) asked "#BoardGamersAsk Which games should every library have if they could only pick 5 i.e which are most educational or teach something important?"

John ‏(@RareBoardGames) asked "Hi Scott! What board games would you suggest I play with kids to make sure they have a well rounded education? #boardgamersask"

Maverick Muse ‏(@NigelPyne) asked "Hi again @snicholson Do you consider game design a craft or an art? #boardgamersask"

Paul Tseng (@NakedPin) asked "How many times has the professor in you influenced/affected your game designs? #boardgamersask"

Chris Headley ‏(@watcher_969) asked "#BoardGamersAsk @snicholson What is favourite mechanic to puzzle over or use in game?"

Rhiannon Ochs ‏(@rhiochs) asked "What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your time at MIT? #boardgamersask"

Robin Lees ‏(@RMBLees) asked "#BoardGamersAsk I recalled you working on a “game with gears” (I forget the name) ever this ever see the light of day, or is it going, going, gone?"

Chris Headley ‏(@watcher_969) asked "#BoardGamersAsk @snicholson Would like to know favourite game mechanic that you haven't got to use?"

Tiffany ‏@titneybird asked "#boardgamersask do you have any suggestions for incorporating gamification into everyday life i.e to encourage my gaming other half with the house work!"

Amy Reid ‏(@ByAmyReid) asked "#boardgamersask , Scott, what part of game design do you find most rewarding?"

Nate Parker (‏@gamesophist) asked "@snicholson: would you consider an epic duel with Dr. @ReinerKnizia for who is the better Dr. Boardgame between you two? #boardgamersask"

Lorraine Hopping ‏(@HoppingFun) asked "Heard Rob Daviau talk about permanence in games(Risk: Legacy). Curious to hear your take on next steps for that idea. #boardgamersask

A question submitted to Scott via Google+
From Steve Weeks - "After teaching almost 100 games of Going, Going Gone over 2 days the most surprising thing I noticed was 90% of the people who played your game had no idea who Scott Nicholson was and had never seen your videos. While this may be a blow to your ego I think it is GREAT news for BGG Con and gaming in general because new people are coming out that really enjoy board games and have no interest whatsoever in the "kilted cliques" and sideshow political antics of board game politics. Would you agree?"

Follow up questions from us (@boardgamersask)

"How long does a game design take you from conception to delivery to a publisher?"

"Do you have other designs on the go, if so could you give us a hint about them?"

"If you had one tip for a game designer on how to design a game that is fun and engaging what would it be"

"Has meaningful gamification been damaged as a concept by the use of "its all about collecting points" by so many "professional" consultants. How can we get people to understand the value of intrinsic rewards?"

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