Friday, 1 November 2013

Win a game? Yes please!

Monday sees the third ever #boardgamehour and it feels like it's going to be immense. The topic up for discussion is going to be two player games. But wait, that is not all... More you say? Yes. Thanks to Ludicreations we are going to be giving away a special edition of Gear & Piston - includes mini-expansions & carbon steel 1st player marker & "finnish surprise".

How will it work? 
Simple really... During #boardgamehour on Monday Nov 4th, @boardgamehour will put out a tweet saying something like:
@boardgamehour - RT this to be entered into the competition to win Gear & Piston #Iwantthatgame #boardgamehour
All you have to do is re-tweet it and you have entered! To give your friends, family & followers a chance to enter as well (they might let you play too if they heard about it from you), the competition will not end until midnight on Wednesday Nov 6th.

Note to you (yes you): The entry tweet is not going to be the same as the example, so no trying to get in early, cheeky ;-) 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday at 12pm (PDT), 1pm (MDT), 2pm (CDT), 3pm (EDT),  7pm (GMT) or what ever time it is were you live.

And remember, we don't have a tag line yet.. Any suggestions?

P.S If you would like to know more about the wonderful sponser of this competion or there games, just click:

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