Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Which celebrities would you love to play with - Highlight Reel

In what can only be described as a bid for freedom, the mighty TableTop abandoned all semblance of the rules and turned up well after #boardgamehour was finished. The problem is we love them so here is the highlights of their question:

TableTop ‏@tabletop
"Late to the party: what celebrity would you love to play a tabletop game with? #boardgamehour"

Loudmouthman ‏@loudmouthman
"@tabletop #boardgamehour I would love to play a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse with @bergopolis and @sizemore and my Daughter."

Ryan Graham ‏@iamrgraham
"@tabletop I'd want to play Battlestar Galactica with @edwardjolmos #BoardGameHour"

Peter Lee ‏@peterlee25
"@tabletop #boardgamehour Celebrities: Wil Wheaton, Cenk Uygur, and Lauren Cohan. Games: 7 Wonders, The Resistance, & Ticket to Ride Europe"
Board Game Hour ‏@BoardGameHour
"Definitely want to play @tabletop games with @wilw, @thedicetower, @rickygervais and @ThatKevinSmith (now that would rock) #BoardGameHour"

Cardiff RAWSoc ‏@RAWSoc
"@tabletop @BoardGameHour As the topic is Hidden Role games, I think a game with @DerrenBrown'd be illuminating. And short. #BoardGameHour"

Jenna O'Donnell ‏@jodonnell181
"@tabletop #boardgamehour Wil Wheaton!!! And second Felicia Day. Third Misha Collins cause that would just be lol."

Jessica Henry ‏@Secca13
"@tabletop #BoardGameHour @Cary_Elwes  @wilw @feliciaday @altonbrown @iammrvandy and @TheEllenShow are my top six to play board games with!"

As this happened well after time, I don't feel it got a proper airing. I might well try to incorporate it into another #boardgamehour some time, what do you think?

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