Thursday, 28 November 2013

Time in Games #Boardgamehour Highlights

The irony is that with all the cool projects we have going on, we only have time to scratch the surface of what happened during the Time in Games topic of #boardgamehour.

Here are just some of the highlights from this week.

We found out that some people play more board games than others:

@rhiochs - @BoardGameHour I'm probably around 20 hours of game play each week. #boardgamehour

@StellarisGames - @rhiochs @BoardGameHour 20 hours?! that's practically a part time job! (Jealous) #boardgamehour

We went on to talk about...

Some time based board game suggestions:

@FloodgateGames - I made Legacy: Gears of Time, it's a game about time travel and technology. Some folks seem to enjoy it :) #boardgamehour

@CBJPodcast - I like how you are using up time based on the number of cards played in Isle of Dr Nacreux #boardgamehour

@Waltimedes - So has anyone mentioned Duel of Ages?  That's kind of time travel themed.  Never played it myself. #boardgamehour

@Bebeness - Late to Board Game Hour, no! This week it's about time? I'm assuming Khronos has been mentioned, but I enjoy it. #boardgamehour

@IndieCardboard - @BoardGameHour Legacy: Gears of Time and Forbidden Machines. #boardgamehour
@BlackOakGames - @BoardGameHour I love the turn/time mechanism in Thebes. #boardgamehour

We saw a great level of commitment:

@reldnahcire - @TheOneTar @rhiochs :( This is why I worked 6-2 today, to not miss out on #boardgamehour and related fun!

@Sarcastic_Robot - I have four minutes before I must go back to work. This is going to be a real-time game in and of itself. #everyTweetCounts #boardgamehour

You may both officially wear a BoardGameHour Badge!

We also learnt that Austrila has the worst end of the stick when it comes to #boardgamehour's time slot: @boufalaxx - @NigelPyne it's 6:00am!  #boardgamehour is rough in Brisbane...  I only ever catch the end"

And comments like this make me very happy:

@Only1glo - #boardgamehour finally realize there are other board games besides the mainstream games like monopoly. So far #quarriors is my fave

@Iccle_Princess - Such a good idea for an hour of board games a week i will have to dig out the board games to do this at the weekend #boardgamehour

And finally...

Right at the end @DallasBalloons asked "Is #boardgamehour really trending or that just based on my activity on twitter?"
The answer to this Dallas, is yes it was trending and has for the last 6 week roughly. Hopefully this is bringing in more people to talk board games with us but more importantly it's helping grow the hobby in some way!

Thanks folks!

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