Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sounds painful - Funny Highlight

#Boardgamehour is both very interesting and lots of fun. Conversations can sometime go in an odd direction... I'm a little worried by what Cardiff RAWSoc do with their princesses...

Board Game Hour ‏@BoardGameHour
"What are the down sides to hidden role games? What don't you like or wish was different? #BoardGameHour"

Cardiff RAWSoc ‏@RAWSoc
@BoardGameHour I hate card sleeves, so it's a shame that Love Letter (despite being amazing) really needs sleeving. #BoardGameHour

RhymeReply clues ‏@RhymeReply 16h
"@RAWSoc @BoardGameHour #boardgamehour Just pretend that the game came with sleeves. You're right, it's absolutely necessary."

Cardiff RAWSoc ‏@RAWSoc 16h
"@RhymeReply @BoardGameHour It's possible we just need nicer sleeves. But yes, our Princess is slightly scuffed. Kinda vital! #BoardGameHour"

RhymeReply clues ‏@RhymeReply
"@RAWSoc @BoardGameHour "our Princess is slightly scuffed" -- another one for the highlight reel. #boardgamehour"

Then there was this:

Board Game Hour ‏@BoardGameHour
"I can't wait any longer! It's #boardgamehour time again.. Lets start like always with what hidden role games do love?"

Brian Andrews ‏@briandrews1973
"@BoardGameHour I would 'Bang' you all, but my gun hasn't got the reach! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3955  #boardgamehour #Ishotthesherriff"

RhymeReply clues ‏@RhymeReply
"@briandrews1973 @BoardGameHour #boardgamehour Taken out of context, this better make the highlight reel."

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