Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Launch of #BoardGamersAsk

With the success of #Boardgamehour it is clear that the Board Game community loves to have it's voice heard! With this in mind The Ministry of Board Games is launching #BoardGamersAsk

#BoardGamersAsk is a Twitter based, crowd-sourcing, interview system for the board gaming community. You, the board gamers, get to ask questions of industry insiders.

So the big question is how does #BoardGamersAsk work?

It's simple, we will announce a interviewee of the week (the first one will be posted on Thursday) and to ask them a question just use hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk. To see what everyone else is asking just search for the same hashtag! Once we have some good questions (and knowing the board game community that wont take long) we will send them to the Interviewee. Once we get the answers back we will post the interview, that would could be part of, on this site!

If it goes well, look out for #boardgamersask #live

You can stay up to date with #boardgamersask just by following @boardgamersask

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