Thursday, 7 November 2013

Your picks for two player games - Highlight Reel

The theme of the third of our little (no so much) get together's was two player games, as voted by you the lovely people.

We started, as we have done before by talking about our favourite games in this topic. 
Here are just some: (if I listed all the tweets you would get caught reading this at work)

Our new favourite two-player game is Love Letter (sorry Lost Cities, it's not you, it's us).

Recent plays with the gf: and - both really enjoyable

My favorite two player game by far is Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. I freaking love that game

War of the Ring is my favorite (forget that multiplayer mode, this is a 2pl game)

It's not strictly 2-players, but Star Wars: Epic Duels is a favorite in our house.

My hubby and I LOVE Summoner Wars, one of our faves. We haven't tried it 4 player but hope to!

Maybe obvious, but I do love a game of memoir 44 by

It's !! My current favorite 2-player: A Few Acres of Snow. Anyone else play this?

Have you tried Queen's Gambit? That's a great two-player game, even if you don't like the prequels.

Every birthday my roommates and I got to choose our favorite board game. I always chose Arkham Horror.

I know haven't played it but Day and Night by mystic is such a good game!

Is a totally awesome two-player game. My fiancé and I play it a ton!

Suburbia is a great two-player game.

Played a couple games of Robinson Crusoe this weekend and it was great! (Both horrible losses)

My favorite by far is BattleLine by Basically rummy with strategy -nicole j

Plaid Hat games are pure quality. Bioshock Infinite is another great two player game from them!

Fave 2 player game: Strange Aeons! Think Arkham Horror but faster and with cool as hell models!

Favorite long, heavy 2P: War of the Ring; favorite shorter (ish), . Also, I guess we love Lord of the Rings?

My roommate and I have been playing a lot of Carcassonne and/or Adventurers as a two player whenever we have time to play.

A that's stood the test of time for me is Mr. Jack. Anyone else still play it?

Have you tried The Duke? Picked it up a few weeks ago. Great game

My wife and I will generally take tantrix to the pub where we are always what game we play. 2 to 4 players but very with 2.

My wife and I have actually enjoyed a decent # of 2-p Catan games, believe it or not.

Libertalia is an excellent game for two players. Gets even more chaotic and fun if scaled up to six though!

The tricky thing with 2p games is making a zero-sum experience interesting from beginning to end. Jaipur does this very well.

I've heard from himself that Summoner Wars is a very good , anyone else agree?

You havent lived until you've played Heroscape

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