Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Stars Were Out - Highlight Reel

Ok, i'm not going to lie, I'm quite star struck by having TableTop & Geek and Sundry joining in with #boardgamehour.

So yes they get their own little Highlight Reel.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversations they sparked...

We're a little late - how's it going, ?
Have you guys picked up any Holiday expansions yet?

My copy of Halloween is waiting for me at my FLGS.

The Awesome Level 9000 expansion for Smash Up is almost mandatory. Such a good addition.

Halloween has hit the table a few times. Giant Bunny loves crushing puny humans while wearing colorful outfits.

Halloween expansion bought, and just kickstarted the holiday pack!

Just did that too, and buying the expansion on Friday.

Hey ! Which 2p board game do you generally pick when it comes to introducing a friend to gaming?

what a great question! Thanks for a) being awesome b) taking part in

is good for that. Depending on the person though, I have used Gloom as well!

Pandemic if 2p but if it's 5 people usually The Resistance cos it's a fun time no alcohol required

Kupferkessel Co. or Mr Jack Pocket

I know right! They're so coooool! Shame is on it! I hate him! Just kidding love you Wil!

It's awesome to be able to tweet with and frankly all you brilliant gamers.. COOL!

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