Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Highlight Reel: Recommendations for those new to Worker Placement

Here are the highlights from an interesting question posed by Geek and Sundry.

@GeekandSundry "Seasoned Players: What are your top recommendations for board gamers new to Worker Placement games? #tabletop #boardgamehour"

@TableForged "@GeekandSundry Lord of Waterdeep, hands downs. #boardgamehour"

@CapBoardgames "@GeekandSundry Lords of Waterdeep & Carcassone are two of the best gateway Worker Placement Games. #tabletop #boardgamehour"

I think this post lead to a big discussion about wether Carcassone is a worker placement game, but we will leave that for another highlight reel :-)

We continue with...

@timothymarotte "@GeekandSundry My intro to worker placement was Agricola.  Great game for beginners.  Lords of Waterdeep is also incredible #boardgamehour"

@ByAmyReid "@GeekandSundry Pillars of the Earth is good since it's an established theme if people have read the book/heard of it . #boardgamehour"

@LIIT42 "@GeekandSundry Familiy version of Agricola #tabletop #boardgamehour"

@imprimis5 "@GeekandSundry Viticulture is a good, friendly start. #tabletop #boardgamehour"

@DrABond "@tabletop @GeekandSundry Stone Age, is fun and fairly easy to pickup. Also can be played in a decent amount of time.  #boardgamehour"

@DJ_B_Radd "@GeekandSundry Don't judge a worker placement game by its 1st play through, or 2nd, or 3rd... or even 4th. They take time #boardgamehour"

@DJ_B_Radd "@BoardGameHour @GeekandSundry Try not to play these games w/ overly strategic people, their turns will take hours. #boardgamehour"

@BoardGameBen "@DJ_B_Radd @BoardGameHour @GeekandSundry "overly strategic" is a nice euphemism for "analysis paralysis" #boardgamehour"

Are there any you would like to add? Just drop it in the comments below :-)

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